Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bella, Banners and Lulu

Isn't she lovely?
My 23 year old crock pot
passed on 3 days ago.
Both her arms had come off 
about a year ago,
and when I took her off the pantry shelf
 on Tuesday, her knob broke off.
I figured I could still manage with a pair of pliers....

Then yesterday I went to JCP
 to pick up my new eye wear,
and yes, they yell
"Suzan" now when I enter...

and I saw her, 
On Sale
in 8 colors, no less.
And only 5 dollars more than the plain silver
Hamilton Beech I was going to buy as a replacement.  

Does anyone other than me assign gender
to inanimate objects? 
Of course Bella's gender was predetermined.

Seriously, isn't she grand?

I don't buy anything other than food 
these days, so the clothes I found last week, 
and the new glasses, and Bella are it for me
for the year.

I am thrilled with these items,
just thrilled. I touch and handle them as if 
they are precious gifts, as they truly are.
So many folks have so much less than I.
I am so very grateful.
I carefully examine and ponder each purchase.
I give most things a "ride in my cart"
before putting them back.
I'm serious.

If you are the eye in the sky in a store,
you would become suspicious as I weigh 
the purpose, price and necessity of each item.
I have been known to stand in front of a display of purses,
and handle and inspect dozens,
taking 30-40 minutes to select just the right bag.

Meanwhile I finished up my last pennant garland sample.

Ready for my Spring class this Saturday.
There are six more pennants to this banner.
They will hang above this set, 
once I get them strung tonight.

I made this one to keep.
I used some of my favorite papers.

I will sell off the other 3 samples after class.
Let me know if you're interested.

Now meet

Remember the polka dot purse I mentioned in a previous post?
Yes, this is one of purses I pondered for 40 minutes in JCP.
I do seem to be obsessed with polka dots of late.
Even in the banner!

The bow front purse is the one that I wanted,
but when I returned and stood there
and tried out half a dozen polka dot bags,
I decided this one would hold my camera better
as it was wider, and it was half off at $20.00
you make my heart sing.

I got to thinking about what I  just said about
polka dots.
This obsession goes WAY BACK 

(Oh yes my hair was once much lighter)
Check out those shoulder pads!
I think this was one of the last years Ben was shorter than me.

Seems I dressed us up in PD's a lot.
They're happy things, these dots...

the notes I had on back of the pic were
"mom, take my picture"
She used to do that quite a bit around this age,
and she is just touching Gadget 
with her toes, not kicking her.

Sweet Gadget
best rescue dog ever

This sweet girl is graduating from college
with honors.
This lovely woman was just hired as a PA
(production assistant)
on a feature film starring
Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

I could just bust a button
on my polka dot blouse. 
Yep, one of the pieces I bought last week
  at JCP!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the PH! That's really cool. Almost as cool as Bella.

Bead and Needle said...

Dotty Lulu and Bella are exquisite - LOVE the "vintage" sweet. Congrats to dear Hannah - she's on her way, Mom! Happy Mother's Day, Z - ME

helen tilston said...

Hello Suzan

I love your crock pot and certainly much more appealing than the aluminium pots.
I love the images of your children and your polka dots
Have a glorious weekend

Helen xx

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh your photos of your daughter are adorable! Polka Dots seem back for sure. Love Love Bella!!!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I'm a fan of the dots too! Loved my first crock pot although it didn't last as long as yours and had to be replaced. Your kiddo pics are great and congrats on your daughter's success!

TeresaM said...

Hi there! New follower!

What a lovely new crock pot! I may just need to check them out myself. After 25 years mine is looking a bit tattered and well used.

Tracey Broome said...

First of all, big congrats to the P.A. A foot in the door iso fast is AWESOME!
And.... I swear we are sisters with different mothers! YES, I ride items around in carts forever deciding how bad I want them. And, I know you do this too, you don't always put those items back where you found them, do you?, haha! Well, I don't, anyway.
I Want that crock pot, how cute is that thing?

Kathy said...

Oh Suzan, I adore your banner and just so you know, black and white polka dot is my most frequently used scrapbook paper.

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Oh my! Bella is indeed grand, my crock pot is really very humble compared to her. Just love all the pola dots and those shoulder pads! Minerva x

molly- See you downtown said...

The banners are fabulous! You've inspired me to check out JCP for that long needed crockpot replacement. Have a great class.

Lana said...

"Fantastic" on all counts!

Kit said...

What a great post! So much to cheer about. I am a sucker for dots too. And gingham. So glad I came in to visit. You made me smile. Kit

Romeo said...

Well crap! I had written a nice long comment and blogger came up with a "oops, try again". And *poof* everything I'd written. Gone. Dangit. Okay well it was about our shared habit of taking items for a trip or three around the store and then eventually (more often than not) they end up right back where they started and not leaving with us. I can't believe there is someone else out there who does that! Of course I always think maybe the other customers think I work for the store in loss prevention and am following them around, pretending to shop and really I am following them waiting for them to try and run with the goods. I mean why else would someone carry something around the store and keep coming back and putting it back? OR standing there trying to decide like it's a diamond purchase?!? Hmm.

BTW - LOVE your banner! The ladies who were able to attend your gathering were very lucky indeed!!!

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo

Carole said...

Hey Gorgeous!!!! Yes I'm with you love dots and I suspect I always will

Now stop peeing your pants!