Monday, November 5, 2012

Winter Staging

Prior to full blown holiday decor,
I begin with greens, pine cones, snow
and rustic accents.

Living where I do, I crave the cold and winter 
chill and the only way I get it is to create it
in my home.

Watching the Sandy aftermath 
has left me feeling hopeless to help.
Although I have donated to Red Cross 
and will be eating ramen all week in order to do so,
I wish I could take a family in,
or do some laundry for folks, or shovel out muck.
I want to physically help.

I am so blessed.
I begin to feel selfish or silly when decorating 
because so many are suffering
beyond our understanding.

I have to remind myself that
this practice of readying my home for 
friends and family does matter.

It reminds me, though I never need to be,
of how deeply I love these folks and I try to show 
them every day, because we are not promised
a moment, an hour or a day.
Time spent with those we love is precious.

Making this home a refuge, a nest, a haven,
for all who cross the threshold will 
always be important.

I keep the fires burning.

I hope all of you have been able to 
help Sandy victims in some way.
To my friend Gail, who owns the 
Nathaniel Morris Inn in
Manasquan New Jersey:
I am so relieved you are safe and my
 heart breaks for your town.
If you know Gail, or even if you don't
my bloggie pals, stop on over and 
give some love.
Gail has no power but can communicate
via her daughter.

To those who have known me 
for some time... you know I try to respond
 to each and every comment left for me.
Lately I have several new commenters
who do not have blogs and/or are
 "no reply comment",
like you "Janet".

It pains me to not be able to thank you
for stopping by or answer some question
so PLEASE put your email in your profile.
thanks guys


Cindy said...

I haven't visited you in a day or, my! You have been busy! I love the numbers, the morning light, the pups, your warm, cozy house! You family is so blessed to have such a wonderful home and mom to come home to! You most certainly do keep the home fires burning for them!
xoxo Cindy

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I hope its ok to say, I wish I had been blessed with a mom like you and such a warm and welcoming place to come home to.
I tried my best to make that for my loved ones and still do.. so I guess I made a home like that for myself.

Your basket looks beautiful and I can almost smell the pine branches.

happy monday and prayers and good wishes for all those devastated by the storm.

Blondie's Journal said...

I think it comes very naturally to you to be nurturing, it shows in your home. You need never give that up, it's a gift.


Bead and Needle said...

Happy week - hope it's cold but snuggly! XOXO

Theresa said...

so well said. I have struggled with all of the fluff that I have been making over here when I think about those without heat, or even homes. This home is also our refuge and I must keep it so, but I was thinking the same thing tonight as I watched the news... can we rescue a family with little ones to keep them warm?
Thanks for putting into words for me. love, t.xoxoox

Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful decorating. Nesting and creating a safe haven is important, maybe even more so when there is chaos in the world. I love what you have done in your lovely home. Those twig stars are perfect!

Anonymous said...

It is so sad to see what the devastation is from the storm to hit the east coast..Prayers go out to everyone..If I am the Janet in your blog post today I will leave my email address..Have a wonderful day..Your photos are beautiful..

The Boston Lady said...

Z, I really like your words about creating a refuge, a welcoming place to land. That's what makes a home along with the loving care and thought that go into it. May all who are homeless by Sandy or some other means, find a home once again. What a wonderful place you have created. Ann

wendy said...

I so TOTALLY get how you feel about wishing you/me/us could help PHYSICALLY with those in Sandy's path
I remember on 911...I was working as a Judge's clerk at the time, and I remember telling him "I just feel like I need to make cookies or something"

I love how you make your home a warm gathering for those you love.

Samantha Stephens said...

Beautifully said. Years from now, when all of us are gone and our children are old and telling stories about us - how they felt under our roof will make a difference in the world they live in. I believe they will pass our love and kindness on to future generations and the world of tomorrow will be better because of the 'little' things we did to make everyone who comes into our homes feel welcomed.

erin said...

you make us all warm and comfy by the way you care for your home and especially by the way you care so deeply for your fellow human beings.....and we love ya for it.

Kathy said...

This is a beautiful post. One news story keeps replaying in my mind. The woman was salvaging what she could from a field of muck and she said, I just want to go home, but it isn't there. Home is the place we all want to run to for comfort and refuge. Breaks my heart.

Faded Charm said...

Inspiring post and I feel the same way. It feels selfish or foolish, but at the same time my home is my haven for my family. My heart breaks for all those who have lost so much.

Loss for any reason is hard to son goes to school with a girl whose 19year old sister was just struck and killed by a motorist while biking this past weekend.....such a waste and makes me want to hold onto my children even more:-)

Take care and enjoy your nesting.


jffollies said...

I love it when I find a kindred spirit anywhere in the universe and your blog speaks to my soul. Thanks.

Debbie said...

I had kids come up over the weekend.
They remark every time they visit how much they love "coming home".
You have the gift of hospitality. You bless all who enter your home, Z. It's a good thing!!!
I admire how you help the hurting people all over the place...not just the people who visit your warm, lovely home.
You always inspire me.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hey Z...I know exactly how you feel.
It is so important to my kids that their favorite decorations come out every gives them a sense of comfort and that's part of my job description!
Great post!

c. Joy said...

Beautiful. I'm having guilt - I probably should get off the computer and dust. Put away the Fourth of July stuff - mixed in with my birthday cards and start planning for Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas. That's the thing, your pictures could go either way - they just look festive and natural and... I have to dust. Have a great week.