Monday, November 19, 2012


Last year I had a lit tree in the den.
With the lights from it and a few candles,
the room felt warm and cozy.

This year I made the number tree,
and it has no lights.

So I was sitting here early evening,
perusing the net,
and realized there was no "Christmas" lighting in here,
other than the candles on the book ladder.
The den just did not have that warmth I need
this time of year.

As I am known to do, when I want something different,
I "shop" the house. I walked outside to the garden,
and literally yanked these two stars out of a tree and
perched them near the ladder.
I have lights, I have ambiance, I have cozy.

I have two more days till Ben is home.
Went to the store for the ingredients for this
MAGIC stuffing of his...$$$$$ YIKES.

Fennel, pears, Italian sausage, red peppers etc..
It had better be dang good!


Everyone please remember all those 
not as fortunate this Thanksgiving.
Even small donations have great impact.
If it's easy to give $10.00 then give $20.00
If 20.00 is easy, give 40.00....

I set a goal 10 years ago, to give to charities 10% of my
 gross income each year for ten years. 
I had hoped to increase the amount as the years went by.
That didn't happen, the economy flipped for all of us.  
This year I will barely make it but I will make it.
I'm selling off a few trinkets here and there to meet the goal.
( as I was typing this a pal called to buy
 some dishes I was selling. WoOt!)

Ten years 
Time to set a new goal.
I live on a very-very small budget but I always find a way.
If your budget is adequate, find a way, set a goal
make a difference.
Be a mensch.


regan said...

Beautiful really glows!

And recently on a blog somewhere, I saw a sign that read, 'Gratitude turns what we have into enough.' I love that.....and I love your goal setting. Great idea!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

you sure know how to make Magic on a budget.. very pretty indeed.

we are on year 23 of our "Gratitude Gift".. thru good times or leaner times we've managed to keep it going and I truly believe it changed our lives for the better. What we give freely comes back to us 100 fold , sometimes even more.

Samantha Stephens said...

I regularly take food, toiletries (regular size and travel size), and clothing (gently used and "Why the hell did I buy that - in that color?" new) to our local outreach center. I have also volunteered there. I'm not blowing my horn, just letting people know anyone can help. In your area, call and ask "what do you need now?" The need changes season to season. Sometimes money but other times school supplies, feminine hygiene products, diapers, etc. They keep a list. I guess I am bragging that not only do I try to eat and buy locally, I also try to give locally on a regular basis. Thanks for the ten year plan idea. Also, I love your stars.

Theresa said...

Oh my gosh, I just got all caught up on your beautiful Christmas decorating posts... I love it all! The stars are perfect in your den, I can't wait to see where you put that fabulous door and chair combo, the green wagon full of presents sounds perfect, the folding ruler star is very cool and I just love your Santos doll, she is the perfect highlight to the whites, browns and creams! But I must thank you most of all for the stories about Howie, you just started my day off with beauty and a grin!
Have a wonderful time with Ben!
love, t.xoxooxoxoxo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the lighted stars...perfect! I try to give each year to something worthwhile. It isn't always easy is it!
hugs, Linda

Susy said...

Ambience was growing in your backyard~ gotta love it!

And I'm so glad to learn the word "mensch". It should be everyone's goal. Our out-go determines our income.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bead and Needle said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Z...enjoy The Ben! XOXO

time worn interiors said...

Hey Ms. Z! I love the numbers tree!

Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Kathy said...

Picking the "ambiance" tree - perfect! There is a saying I like: Lack of money is no obstacle, lack of an idea is an obstacle. I also like this one: I'm so poor I can't even pay attention. HeHe!
Seriously, your goal setting is an inspiration.

Lana said...

Loved, loved, loved this post, Z...for many reasons. The warmth and the said it all. Thank you again, as always.

Createology said...

You are so correct...there is always a way to give to those less fortunate. Time to volunteer and even a few dollars help so much. Your warm lighting ambiance is beautiful. Blessings...

Jillayne said...

Great post z, and a great reminder; you're my best inspiration in the Giving department.
I love the lighted stars - what an absolutely cool idea. It looks beautiful!