Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last Of The Roses

It's 62 today,
and may be my last chance to go work 
in the yard without mittens,
 so I got my keister out of bed early and dove in.

I unceremoniously clipped these off.
 They will be petals on the desk by tomorrow. 
Plunked them into a green spotted drinking glass and
they will elevate my computer time
to something special.

Worked with a client all day yesterday 
on Holiday Decorating.
She is having many parties this year
and there was lots to be done.
We always work so well together,
frequently grabbing the same material
 for the exact same spot...
all the while groovin' to 70's hits.

I forgot my camera and about an hour in,
I looked around at the organized chaos and
thought "oh this would be good to show".
before and after.
oh well....

Enough stalling,
the worst of the yard work
remains so I'm going to eat some soup
 and head back out with the "poochettes"
keeping me company.

Since last post, Howie has knocked over 
one tree breaking 4 of my FAVORITE
Sarah Lugg soldered ornaments-
crawled under the couch to get a bone,
 and wedged himself in there solidly - and laid down smack dab 
across my face while I was napping the other day.
I dreamt someone had thrown a bag over my head
to smother me and woke up
sputtering and choking, heart racing,
with a mouth full of fur.

All of you who think Master Howie  
is so funny and so adorable???
What is your address? 
We love him.



Bead and Needle said...

He's a HANDFUL that Howie! Stay warm out there, Z. XOXO

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Oh that Howie:) He is just so darn funny. I love hearing about him.]~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Razmataz said...

He is adorable and lovable but don;t send him to me...I already have a big lug of a handful dog.

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS...Still laughing as I type this..Have a wonderful week..

Robin Larkspur said...

Picturing Howie wedged under the sofa, poor fella, lol!
You must always remember your camera. Isn't that an unwritten blogger rule??!!

Candylei said...

Dogs have a sense of humor that is for sure. Beautiful pics of your roses. Haven't had time to stop by in awhile. It's good to laugh at your posts. Go Howie.

Jill said...

Oh gosh!! I'd be tickled to have those roses in my yard or on my desk!