Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I planned to do and what actually happened

See this beauty? It is one of dozens 
of incredibly gorgeous art jewelry made by
 Tanya of Bead and Needle
Yesterday I asked Tanya to bring them 
over to my house so that I 
could photograph them, as they are
 so incredibly beautiful I wanted you all to see them.

Tanya will be taking these to the local Boulder City
Doodlebug show this weekend 
and if you don't get one now 
you may have to wait  until she makes more, 
and with the holidays coming 
who knows when that will be?
Tanya makes these beauties out of antique
 tin plates and then painstakingly beads
 them for many long hours
 into these pendants that are traffic stopping, 
and yes those are beaded ruffles you see.
They are impeccably finished 
and all are done with her one little needle,
amazing patience and incredible talent.
Do you want a breathtaking vintage piece
 that everyone will covet?
Have a little black dress that 
will grace a party this holiday, then 
top it with one of these for the WOW factor.
Want to own a one of a kind piece of
 art jewelry or give one to your BFF?
They are enhanced with vintage buttons,
crystals and hand dyed beads from 
Vintage Meadow Artworks.

So the plan was, I was going to take 
some great shots and
share these pieces with you.
What  happened was I photographed 
them on vintage tin, on greenery, on glass, 
on mirror, on snow, on burlap.
I photographed from 8 -10:30
I did not even make coffee, so I feel a mite
Do you see any of the photos?
Because all the shots sucked.
There - I admit it.
All 147 of them
They were down to the bottom 
of the muck and the mire, bloody awful!
So here is the new plan.
Take my word for it, I have not lied to you yet,
Well, I did take the first 2 shots here, 
so yeah I lied a little,
these are scrumptious, and 
if you go to Tanya's blog
you can see them in progress
the colors are very muted not 
as bright as they look there, 
and Tanya just got a new camera,
so pick a tintype and maybe she can send 
you a decent shot of your necklace of choice,
or go on blind faith,
 ( I would, there is not a loser in the bunch)
and have her hand select one for you.
Quite a few already found homes when
 she brought them to our recent craft day, 
and we can be a persnickety bunch. 
So, coffee is needed,
camera instruction is needed,
and since I have had 4 hours of sleep, 
a nap is needed.
It's what I plan to do...
but if I were you, I would not lay odds.



Blessed Serendipity said...

These are incredible and the work that went into them is amazing. Maybe next time you decide to do a little photo taking you drink the coffee FIRST then photograph. :)


Faded Charm said...

These are wonderful. Wow, there is so much talent out there!

I need a new camera and classes as well, my friend. I'm hoping with some of the money I made doing the window display, my birthday coming up and Christmas.....I might just finally be able to get a new one.....yeah me!!!!

Enjoy your nap:-)

Natacha said...

You are right, these necklaces are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait until our renovation is finished...I really miss being creative.

Natacha said...

You are right, these necklaces are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait until our renovation is finished...I really miss being creative.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, we all have days like this Z!
Back to the camera-drawing board? Never a bad thing.

devonaz said...

Beautful...wish I lived closer,,

Bead and Needle said...

You are TOO sweet, Z...everything you touch is perfect, so don't even think your pictures are anything but! XOXO Tanya

Beatnheart said...

some people are just that talented. said...

Well the pictures that you show are beautiful! She does amazing work. Uh yea, about the coffee..........maybe you should get a mug...or two;) lol
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

April said...

What gorgeous necklaces...anyone would be honored to own one!

Rebecca said...

Hi dearest
Her jewelry is amazing! How fun to see and touch all of it. Did one stay at your house?
I am catching up again... sorry I missed your last 2 posts and not because of the pop up thingy. Just have been in the studio working. I have my last show this weekend and then I am DONE!
My tree is standing there with lights but no ornaments... waiting.
Will start decorating on Monday after the show
Have a wonderful week

time worn interiors said...

Those are lovely! 2 pictures was all we needed to send us rushing over to her blog!

Get some sleep girl!


erin said...

your photos are great! but the jewelry...holy cow, just gorgeous!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Wow...the detail work is amazing. What a creative and wonderful idea. They are beautiful.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I stink at photography. That's all I have to say about that. But - I find it hard to believe out of 147 photos, you only had two amazing ones....You may be overcritical. It is no easy feat, though, photographing a photograph. These are some amazing pieces - I was mesmerized at first glance - but then when you said she beads all that by hand....oh I'm smitten. Hope you got that nap....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Ella said...

These photos are amazing! Wow, what talent, so glad you shared her work with us~ Thank you :D

Theresa said...

oh my word, those are just stunning! Her work is simply beautiful,am running over there right now for more eye candy! t.xoxoox

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...those are fabulous!
Some people are just so creative!