Friday, November 25, 2011

Picks are the Answer Trick #3

The only difference between this mantle and this one

is that greenery picks and lights have been added.

Same goes for this trough

  I removed the wool balls, 
and added a sense of winter to the display.
 I have done this all over the house.
 I add to my existing displays, 
I don't change them,
it's easy peasy ...
and it makes for fast take down also.
Of course you vacuum snow well into February.
If you remember my earlier photos 
you can see that in nearly every display I have 
only added picks and then some trees,
OK LOTS of trees but this year is special remember?

I'm not big on removing things to make way for 
Christmas. I simply add picks and ornaments and snow,
LOTS of snow, to what is already there.
I've collected picks, always on clearance, 
for many years now and yes, they are
 in those green tubs in the garage.
If I find I do need to remove  anything 
for the holiday period, I place it in the box 
corresponding to the area where it was removed.
which brings us to Trick #4 coming soon.
My Holiday box system.
Hope everyone is enjoying their
 long holiday weekend.



sissie said...

Now this little trick, I'm already using. I learned long ago that it is a lot easier to add holiday decor to existing pieces and containers. I'm looking forward to trick no.4.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

What I wouldn't give for one ounce of your organizational skills...:(
I'll never get tired of looking at your collections and cozy rooms! :)

The Sweetest Days said...

I was at someone's house one time that had a holiday box system, too. All her large totes were clear, labeled, and stacked neatly on shelves in her basement. Unfortunately we don't have much room in our house or garage. Everything is stuffed in a large closet under the stairs : /

I think the lights might be pretty year round on the mantel! Lovely!

Razmataz said...


TheCrankyCrow said...

Now, this one I'm sort of catching onto...I love picks and use lots of them....but, I still can't resist the urge to remove all "everyday" decor and replace....but every holiday is getting me closer to "there." It's just not so much fun any more (especially the putting away part....) ;o) Hope you're having a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Rebecca said...

I like my stuff too much to move it out, so I add boxwood. It isn't messy, I like fresh and it dries beautifully. You are so smart :) I love your mantle.
Happy happy to you this weekend, I hope you are all together!

Kathy said...

Your early decorating this year has me SO ready to get started!

Blondie's Journal said...

I wish I had half of your organizational skills! The greenery looks beautiful!


Cozy Little House said...

Can I come live at your lovely house? Well, I love to look at it, my friend. But I am getting kind of partial to the little blue house...

Jill said...

I'm loving our long weekend! We have our outside lights up, now for the rest....

Boxwood Cottage said...

Yep I learned that faux greenery twig trick from you Z (always used to use only real greenery before and now I mix it) and since 2009 I'm going to the clearance sale between Christmas and New Years eve buying faux twigs and other beautiful holiday ornaments for just half of the original price and I love it! Never did it before, I wonder why, never thought of it I guess. The good thing also is that if I buy it after Christmas and put it away it is all spanking new when I take it out to decorate for the next holiday season and I love having new things to decorate with. But I also love to change my Christmas displays every year and put things away for some time, so they also feel kind a new if I take them out again.
Thanks for always sharing your tipps with us!
xoxo~ C.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I like this trick. I am going to start adding picks after Christmas to my those clearance prices.

Theresa said...

just playing a little catch-up and I love the picks and the lights on the mantle! When I start putting lights up it makes me want to leave them up all year long. I may start my outdoor decorating today, it's still warm enough outside and we're supposed to get a cold front this week. Everything looks beautiful!
Right now I am listing things (along with my game of catch-up) and enjoying apple pie for breakfast! yum.
I love your sons room too, do you serve him breakfast in bed on that tray?
I know how you feel when you miss a friends post, I am the same way. I think I have too many distractions on here now and so enjoy my time playing catch-up with those that are dear to me... insert your name here!
Have a great Saturday!

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

I couldn't comment on the other post (rant post) but here I am! I had no idea about the pop up bloggers! (people are soooooooooo strange sometimes) but now I know. I love when you visit me and it doesn't matter how often or not it is! Love much!

A Cottage Muse said...

This is a great tip! I learned this from my Mom before I left to feather my own nest. Now that she is gone I am lucky enough to have all her picks...which are vintage and just fabulous! Worn felted fruit, faux snow covered pinecones, real looking greens (yes, real looking), each with a wonderful memory of being in her home and in mine!

Thanks Z!!

Charlene said...

LOVE looking at all your pretty Christmas goodies! Since we did Thanksgiving our Christmas decor will be light but, I love looking at everyone elses treasures. I got to read about your studio this morning as I snuggled back in the covers with a cup of coffee & the newest WWC Magazine. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wonderful article. Soooooooo nice to see a friend published! HUGS!

The Elegant Chateau said...

Visiting you from White Wed. Toured your blog, you have a beautiful home! Following you. Diane

Charmingdesigns said...

I love love love your home!!!