Friday, November 25, 2011

A Small Detour

Taking a small detour this evening because of something that just happened to me.
I was pleased to see a new post from a dear friend tonight, and as I was scrolling through her lovely  pictures.....I saw right behind her words..another post, a post I had missed. An important post, and behind that another missed one.
Every blog I have on my blog roll is a blog that I read every post as they happen that day. I have others not on my roll that I read and mutually enjoy but I may read them over a weeks time or even a month, catching up as I can. We all suffer from time crunch, I depend on my blog roll being up to date and accurate, not manipulated.

The past several weeks I was struggling again with two blogs on my blog roll that had become "Pop Up " bloggers. I have been through this before and faced the wrath of a couple gals when I spoke about it last, who felt it their right to do as they please and I agree. Of course you may do what you wish, it is YOUR blog,  but I will no longer follow you, or keep you on my roll, no matter HOW MUCH I like you, because it causes such disruption for me as I desperately try to keep up with all my friends.  If you don't know what a  Pop UP is, it is a blogger who goes back into a post and manually resets the date and time so her previously posted blog post "Pops back up" at the top of every one's blog roll that has her listed. Some of these gals will do it several times a day, some as many as a dozen.

They do it to be noticed more often. I get that.
The do it to bring in customers, I get that.
They do it to tweak/inflate their advertising hits like Blogher so it shows more hits to make more money, I get that.
They do it to garner more followers so they can get more and bigger sponsors. I get that.
I get it. I GET IT.
Here is what many do not get....

Here is what I had to write to a dear friend this evening, my heart truly hurting because I thought I had perhaps caused her pain.

"OMG I had missed the two prior posts! I had 2 more damn pop up bloggers wreaking havoc on my roll that I have since deleted but that is how I must have missed these posts. I saw your post tonight and by accident scrolled hard and saw What? another post I had not read? and then ANOTHER! I was wondering yesterday why you had said nothing of your ____and was afraid to ask in case you did not wish to say anything. F**&^%$ pop up bloggers!!!
So sweetie I feel so badly that you would think for even a second that I did not care. I have always held my pom poms at the ready for you, and I am so happy that you were shown the love. I hope you know you have mine.

much love 
z "

Is it the end of the world in blog land, of course not. Is it everyone's right to do as they please, of course it please don't write me and tell me I should only follow in reader ( I choose not to) my blog roll works efficiently and fine for me without pop ups. Do not write to me and tell me that I should change my ways because you see, I am not saying you should change yours and not do it, I am explaining why I cannot have you on my blog roll if you routinely do pop ups, and I will miss you.
I am also attempting to explain to some new bloggers and some experienced ones what is happening when they begin to miss posts or find themselves rereading something they already read this morning, and yesterday and this afternoon and earlier tonight, the same post regurgitated anew.

I got blasted the last time I brought it up, by of course, pop up bloggers. They felt I was saying they could not or should not do it. Nope, NOT saying that. I am not "outing" anyone or shaming anyone, etc etc etc. Most of you already know if you have ever commented or emailed to me, that I attempt to respond to every single comment and email I receive. I may miss a few but many of you can vouch for my attempts to succeed. My relationships with my fellow blogger friends is of utmost importance to me, so I am not in this to make money or influence people or drive my numbers up, or play it fake, or play it safe. Now I am facing additional fallout, so you can bet this friend is important to me.
Again, if you are blogging for different reasons than mine....  Great! and I do sincerely mean that. It is YOUR blog.

I am explaining me, moi, Z

I have said what it does, TO ME, in my world. I am saying in my very small world, by having them on my blog roll, and by their actions I may have accidentally hurt another dear, dear friend. That is enough explanation for me to say nope, not having any of that. goodbye.

I just heard about pepper spray in the stores today so that one customer can get their wishes met at the expense of all others? That is not the reason for the season in any way, be it Savior or Santa now is it?

Will return with Christmas later in the weekend. Rant over.