Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Decorating Made Easier Trick #4

Let me rephrase that. 
It may not make your decorating easier,
 because that depends on just how much 
holiday decor you have, but you will have less
chaos and mess.
No matter which tree I am decorating, this one,
 or the next one, they all get the same treatment.
A box system.
Everything that goes on a tree goes in a 
specific box for THAT tree, or 2 boxes, or three.
Lights from that year, hangers, all of it. 

When I decide which tree to do on any given day
 I bring in the tree and the corresponding boxes.
 I don't have to haul in 16 different mismatched tubs,
 taped together boxes etc. No fuss, no mess.
If I remove anything in that room to decorate,
 I place it into those same boxes
 for storage over the holidays. 
I can do a room at a time 
or all the trees first, my choice.
All other decor is placed in large tubs via category;
Garlands, large picks, wreaths, stuffed figures etc.
I can then easily go through the rooms adding garland,
picks, or the figures, all the while my home is
undisturbed except for a tub or a few boxes.
The guest rooms have so little decor, 
that the entire room fits in one small box.
If I change a tree a certain year, and I frequently do,
I simply change the labels on the box
 during the take down process. 

( these are not all the holiday boxes - if you enlarge  lol)

If you haven't seen it before,
 this is my system in the garage.
These boxes and tubs are 2 deep with the box contents
behind each front box labeled on the shelf 
for easy retrieval. When I first started many years ago, 
the set of boxes at Costco were around 10.00
 and I bought 2 sets at a time as I could afford them.
 Now they are around 16.00 I think but 
this system could save your sanity.
 Just think how easy I can pack
 when it comes time to move.
 Oh yeah, I'm done already.

Right now this box system in the garage 
is being completely draped with drop cloths
 and twinkle lights are going up and tables set for 
a classroom studio for my next Gathering. 
I always planned to do this, but was happily forced 
to do so because of the upcoming photo shoot.
This class will be a trial run for the system
( it has to be entirely removable, so cars can
be re-parked in here). I am not truly  happy 
with the effect so far but just like my box system,
 this will evolve and get better.
I will drape better, paint more things out,
 figure out how to hide the ugly etc.
We are usually having so much fun, no one cares.
(I hope)

coming up next
Sharing the Decorating Trick #5
Rant update:
just so ya know
I received almost 40 emails
All positive - no negatives this time
I coined "pop up bloggers", 
don't know any other terms, if there is one
please let me know.
I shut off comments because I guessed
( correctly) that many would hesitate to 
comment publicly about their opinion of the practice
..and boy did they have opinions.
A sampling...

"bravo on the rant!!"

" me it seems selfish and so while I may “see” what they are doing (promoting themselves, manipulating stats, etc) I guess I don’t “get it” as you do.  For me, it’s just all out selfish and I can’t and won’t do that."  

"'s about what you think to be right and fair and true for you and the people that matter to you. I recently switched my blog links to this format and was appalled to see from the beginning that this is done as often as it is.... "

  "Some of the ones that bump are ones I like, so I put them on their own blogroll.  Now they just bump each other all day long......."
( This 4th one may be a solution for some of you who wish to keep following these gals. I love the image of them jumping over each other all day long, no one staying on top for long)

"I'd never heard of pop-up bloggers before. At least I've never noticed them on my blog roll anyway. As a blogger I can't imagine ever doing something like that. Some people will do anything to be noticed!
 You know, now that I think about it ... is _______one of them?"

"I wanted to thank you.  I had been having this happen recently and had no idea why
and I thank you for the education...uh duh - I didn't know. (And happen to agree with you whole-heartedly.....)  Rant on my friend....rant on..."

Don't forget the Crazy Giveaway for a free space in 
my Gathering class December 10th 
Love Is All Around.
You must comment on that post to be entered.
Please do not enter if you 
do not plan to attend if you win.

 You must comment before midnight
November 30. 
Good Luck!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wonderful,incredible organization!
You are inspiring me to get things under control...I need to so bad!
And a pop up blogger roll all of its own is indeed, an interesting idea!

Pat Winter said...

Love your storage, and I just love the bench on top of the book cabinet...brilliant! Happy decorating! You are inspiring!

Jill said...

A bench on the book shelves... ingenious! Love that photo! Your storage continues to inspire.

Cindy said...

I have missed you the last couple of days, I have been entertaining the family.. I enjoyed catching up with you and your decorating hints and "discussions" lol! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Norine ~rosethoughts~ said...

Are you a Virgo? lol...bellisima! And thank you for all the amazing ideas you give us!

Low Tide High Style said...

You are so organized Z! I have bins all labeled with their contents and fairly organized, but I need your shelving system, ours are just stacked on the back wall of our garage!

Kat :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are a great inspiration. It took me a long time last year to take down Christmas as I organized, purged and packed each tree decorations in its own bin and labeled. I also did a bin of snowmen, linens, etc. So far decorating this year is going so much smoother. I'm sure I will tweak the bins at the time of take down but still it's a great system. I also tried doing bins for each holiday I decorate for through out the year. Oh and I had never heard of pop up bloggers but I think it's just plain annoying and your rant was spot on! hugs, Linda

Kit said...

Ahh, organized minds think the same. I love your boxes and labels. I do the same (tho your boxes look better and do not advertise Tony's Pizza!) It does make decorating so much easier. I am off to decorate today, wish me luck! Kit

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Wow you are so organized plus it is so nice to see that there are others out there who have as many boxes of Christmas as I do. You definitely are a decorating pro and your home is gorgeous.


Claudia said...

I think, in spite of myself, I have all the ornaments for our little white tree in the same box as the tree. All the rest go on our main tree.

You have valuable tips and I thank you for sharing them.

I've bumped a few off my blog roll. I have no patience for those shenanigans!


Tina Eudora said...

Susan you are just way too organized!!! I need you here at my house for a weekend, you miracle worker you!
As for pop-up bloggers I was not sure what that was as I don't think I follow any but yes it would annoy me if I missed a post from a blogger I love because another blogger was "hogging" the blog roll. As a society we have become obsessed with being first at everything and not allowing anyone else to have a turn at shining. Kind of sad if you ask me.
Tina xo

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Great post...I love the box system too! I use orange boxes for Halloween, pastel boxes for Easter and red boxes for Christmas. That's bc I don't have the shelf system you have but it still works!Organization is the key to efficiency...I hate it when I can't find what I need...don't you? Now, if I could just organize my studio like that.......

C. Joy said...

I sort of do this. Boxes marked brass/wood go on one tree and those marked white/silver go on another. It works. Those are some really nice storage tubs, makes me want to upgrade from my cardboard.

I'm going through my fav blogs trying to catch up. Loved your tirade on Pop Up BloGgeRs. Thank God it's really happening - I thought I had been drinking too much. Seriously, being fairly new to the blogging world I couldn't figure out what that was all about. I've left one of them on, but now I think I'm going to go with the "put them all in their own little list and let them jump each other all day long." I hate commercials, too. I know why we have them, but still when they come up I mute them. I learn so much from your blog - thanks.

June said...

You inspire me girl! I feel that i have a decent system of organization until I see yours :-)
I have been sitting here reading your MANY posts that I have missed, and of course I am blown away! 11 trees??? and I can't even get one done here yet. I feel like a slug. I feel like a Grinch slug!
I loved how you decorated the room your son stays in when home. Perfect!
Every time I get to see your beautiful rooms I think how talented you are at making a wonderful home for your family. The kids must love coming home to such a warm place Z. It is beautiful and feel lucky to see it when I come by.
I loved your rant my friend. I use my blogroll for the same purpose you do, the only thing is, I'm not on my blog enough to know who's updating over and over ;-)
What a wonderful time I have had sitting here catching up with you. (I have even held my full bladder in check just to see it all and not get lost)I had to go back quite a ways and read forward so I wouldn't miss a thing))
love you bunches...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Even your organization is organized. I have boxes and tubs - and try to do all the tree stuff in one box thing - but all my boxes and tubs are different sizes and don't fit my shelves properly and...and...(want more excuses???) Really though - did you have those shelves built to fit those boxes and tubs so precisely? And why is it that when I go to buy more of a certain tub so I can stack them neatly, they no longer are available? And I have to get over this box inside a box inside a box thing....I'm afraid something will get broken or crushed, etc., so everything has its own box or bag or bubblewrap inside those boxes. ( you know...I'm more than a little OC-ish.....) Love learning from you Z - you're making me think in different directions. Hope your week is off to a maaavelous start....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

Oh my, to be that organized. Cindy Martin told me about your classes and how beautiful your home is-I can only imagine what it looks like in person. I need someone who can help me organize my Christmas collection. I never thought about tubs. It would such an privilege to attend one of your classes. I thank Cindy for introducing me your website. Hoping to meet you soon.

A Cottage Muse said...

I have a similar storage system in the attic on a much smaller scale, works great!
Glad you had alot of bravos on the rant, hopefully some people will take a lesson from it!

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

You have been crowned the Queen of the Organized Christmas my friend!!!

Gail said...

Thanks for enlightening me as to "pop-up bloggers".
I thought maybe it was a setting that I opted into....and maybe it is but I do find it annoying and eliminated a blogger on my roll who appears repeatedly with the same post.....if I've read it once I don't need to read it again! I agree with you....

Bead and Needle said...

I'd bet YOU would make Martha Stewart sick to her stomach...she has NUTHIN' on you, woman! :-) LOVED the garage today - not just saying that. I wish I had that space to play in, here! I would lock myself behind those curtains and yell, "No one gets in, no how, no way!"


Leslie's Garden said...

I can't believe I never thought to pack up the things I'm removing and replacing with Christmas pretties into the storage boxes of the Christmas items! It's such a, "Duh" moment! I can't wait to go back and read your tips 1-3, and am looking forward to number 5!

MEM said...

Catching up with the older blogs! Love the views in living room? The shelf unit, bench on top and Christmas tree are awesome......I love things that are a little or a lot past perfect! Smiles, mem