Monday, September 5, 2011


Where have I been?
I wish that these were mine packed in
 anticipation for a lovely getaway,
or better still a move across the country.
Alas, they are a mere symbol of the all
too common house switcheroo, 
occurring all too often here in lala land.

A dear friend rented a home a little more
 than a year ago,only to have it go into foreclosure
 a few months ago, forcing her to find another.
The stars aligned and the neighbors across the street,
decided to exit their home, 
as well as their marriage unfortunately
and the home became available for my pal to rent. 

So for the past four days we have been hauling, 
carrying, driving, toting, wheeling, dragging and dollying
hundreds upon hundreds of boxes etc across the street.
In 110 heat
With humidity

We had 4 somewhat reluctant, high school
football players for a few hours for the big stuff.
Mostly they buzzed around her beautiful 
cheerleader daughter, and hid whenever 
they saw me coming. lol
Thank you so much guys, you saved a
couple of gals from suffering major pain.
I offered to write a note to their coach
 saying they had worked hard and could skip practice.
That got a laugh.

We are in the home stretch today.
Being the organized dictator that I am,
all the small stuff came across in stages,
 the rest being staged in the garage,
with the result of an uncluttered space
at the end of each day so the family could relax.

Everything in my pal's home has now been put 
away exactly where it belongs in a neat 
and orderly fashion.
Moving is the perfect opportunity to get it 
all done, even though most people would think
it would be more difficult.
Of course having an organizer on hand helps a little.

She is too exhausted to be thrilled quite yet,
 but I am delighted for her.
I know first hand how having an
organized and orderly home can 
affect your day to day living, and this is one
great, and very busy Mom who deserves
a beautiful space.

I have several new clients signed up on
a slower paced, discounted plan and I am
thrilled to be working with some new gals.
Very late into the night I am in the studio
preparing the sample for my 
Gathering class October 8.
There are 2 more seats available, and 
a few sneak peeks coming soon.
If you are out of the area
 but within driving distance, 
and wish to attend the class, 
there are accommodations available.
email for info.

Sore aching feet, tired arms, lack of sleep,
friendship and creativity.
All in a woman's week.
What have you been doing?


Blondie's Journal said...

Sounds like you had a busy, busy day in the heat. Thank goodness for the football players!! How nice to have a friend living so close to you! She had to have been impressed with your organizational skills, I know I am. I'm happy that you have more work lined up...but for now, put your feet up and stay cool!


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh have been working mighty hard. I soooo wish you lived near me....I could certainly use some help with organizing.



Terra said...

You and those strong young football players were a blessing to your friend in her move, especially in 100 degrees and humidity. How good she found a nice rental and near you too!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You're a good mate Z. I think that all the help available is needed when one moves. We haven't moved for 26 years and I wouldn't relish the thought of it, although, it would make me get rid of some things !!
I think that you deserve a good rest now. Put your feet up for half an hour. XXXX

Razmataz said...

I don;t know what your friends would do without you!. You certainly give your time and expertise willingly. I am glad she found a place in the same neighbourhood...that makes the transition easier!

Jane said...

You are such a good friend. How fortunate for your friend to find a home and to have a neighbor like you to help organize....lucky girl!!!
Have a great week.

Carole said...

You are such a good friend. I hope they all appreciate you like they should.
I laughed when you told me about the boys buzzing around her daughter....maybe you needed to hose them down!!! haha

get some rest today. Going home and making a very caloric dessert!

that I will have to give away or I'll gain 10 lbs!

erin said...

i sure hope that your friend's know, how lucky they are, to have you, in their corner.....i should be so lucky.

Jacqueline said...

I love that you do this work badly needed in our material world. I sat with some family members this weekend whose homes are literally heaving with stuff...packed to the rafters, bulging out the basements...and yet their eyes sparkled as they talked about upcoming buying trips, wanting "three of these" and "four of those".
They wonder why they have 'bags' under their eyes...there is no where else to put anything!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a very busy few days...I'm tired just reading about it!! Happy Labor Day and try and stay cool!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wish you lived across the street from me.... Must feel good for both you and your friend to have accomplished so much - hope you are enjoying some down time....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

What a wonderful friend you are! I am sure that your friend really appreciated all your hard work and organizing. Someday I may be organized (that would be nice).


June said...

You've been a busy girl Z. I have been doing my Spring cleaning finally now that I feel I can do anything and everything. I am pooped tonight, but have the kitchen completed and most of the living room. Hope to be done before my sisters come the middle of the week.

I loved your project Genesis post! As you can being the wife of a cop and he is also on the Search and Rescue, we have all of our packs and our home ready. Last year I took an all day class myself and learned so much about being more prepared. It feels good to be able to do what we can to be better prepared.
hugs and love from hear...

time worn interiors said...

How lucky is your friend to have a professional organizer help her move! Man, she has hit the jackpot! That's the hardest thing about moving is getting everything organized!

Susanne said...

I agree, moving is a great time to purge and organize. How unfortunate that your friend had to move because of someone else's misfortune. But she's so lucky to have you.

Our area has been having huge fires due to the weather conditions, making me think harder about your evacuation cans. When I read your "I believe it is our obligation to take care of ourselves, as much as possible, before expecting help elsewhere." I have to ask myself if we really are living up to that obligation. I don't think so. Time for me to put up or shut up.
Thanks, Susanne.

Cindy said... you ever stop???? You amaze me!

A Cottage Muse said...

I'm exhausted just reading this, yet smiling as I am sure you still are having your pal across the street!

Jillayne said...

I have been working - six days last week, and every other week this summer has been five. Jobette??? I don't think so!
I have been feeling that restlessness that comes with wanting to do something, yet doing nothing and I keep telling myself one more week and I'll be back to normal. I think.
On the flip side, I did tackle four cupboards in the kitchen and have two large shopping bags full for the Thrift Store. I think perhaps in that room, I might just be down to what I truly love and use - maybe, except for that cheese shaker - that might just be a sentimental keep...

Hartwood Roses said...

I was thinking about you yesterday, as I spent all day working to organize and clear out the dumping ground that had once been my very tidy basement workshop. Great progress was made, but I still have at least a couple of days to go to get it in exactly the shape I want it to be in.

How weird is is that both of us started off our blog posts today with a pair of old suitcases? We must have been reading each other's minds across the miles.

Theresa said...

That's pretty funny about the boys scattering when they saw you coming! She is a lucky friend, but she probably knows that already! t. xoxoxox

Candylei said...

That is wonderful you were able to help her and her family. I wished I lived closer as I would love to take a class with you.

Beatnheart said...

wish i had u as a neighbor. the class sounds tempting.

beth said...

how fantastic to have your friend living right across the street from you....and that you helped her move there.

you're so good !!