Thursday, September 15, 2011


No, not me filming...
Lots of movie discussions after my last post:
So..I'm curious
What are your favorites?
Now it is impossible for me to list favorites.
Darling daughter and I tried to  make a list of our top
 100 and couldn't stay within those constraints...
When I am in the studio the cd's are usually playing but
when I need a movie it has to be something 
I know by heart so I can follow along without looking 
at the screen because I can see the scenes in my head.

So "my studio" films are
 In no order and only 
lighthearted make it up to the studio 
and only a few vintage this time, 
because THAT list is ginormous.

See why 100 is never enough?

Roman Holiday
My Favorite Year
Same Time Next Year
Almost Famous
Across the Universe
Big Chill
Bull Durham
The Goodbye Girl
You've Got Mail *** DD and My movie
French Kiss
Four Weddings and A Funeral
Four Seasons
Family Stone
Desk Set
Grand Canyon
Green Card
High Fidelity
Love Actually
My Best Friend's Wedding
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
My Favorite Wife
Runaway Bride
Somethings Gotta Give
That Thing You Do
When Harry Met Sally
Under the Tuscan Sun
and this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg,
because DD took most of the DVD's with her.
See any that are your favorites ?
Big loud thump today, couldn't figure out what it was.
Went out a few hours later to clean the front yard.
There on the porch a small dead bird.
Must have hit the transom window above door.
In 19 years this has never happened before.
I felt so sad that this poor thing 
just made a wrong turn.


Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

My very favorite of all times: Life is beautiful. Although I can't watch it again...I did once and that was enough. "A movie that makes you smile while your heart is crying", said Sofia Loren about it and I totally agree.

Jane said...

A great list and believe it or not I have seen quite a few of those movies!
Sorry about the bird :( That has happened a couple of times to us too.


Oh I love Something's Gotta Give, Under the Tuscan Sun, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and so many more, but those are the ones I've seen over and over and always watch when they come on one of the TV channels. :-)


erin said...

i SEE you!! and it is wonderful!! so nice to see your mug.

i would add "out of africa", "to kill a mockingbird" and "what about bob".


Beatnheart said...

life is kill a mockingbird..hard days night..breakfast at water for chocolate..fallen idol...this is spinal tap...more to come later when I can think straight.. birds fly into our windows all the time..lots of windows..lots of birds...makes me cry.

YONKS said...

Poor Bird :-(

A good one to add to your list is "Enchanted April", it's sublime and I, like you, love a movie on in the background that I know every word of so I don't have to watch. It's like having friends in the room :-)

Jacqueline said...

I've never really been a movie fan, unlike my clever and beautiful sister...not sure why.
However...this autumn Z, I am taking your list and I am going to use my Netflix account to order them up to watch, one at a time, as I am making dinner!
I'm loving the prospect of this activity! Thanks!!

C. Joy said...

I love "Mr. Blandings" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" - each house porn in their own way. Have you seen "I Know Where I'm Going?" It became one of my favorites this year. On the DVD version I borrowed from my local library there was commentary (I watched it a second time) that was so interesting. It pointed out the "magic" of the movie. It was made in 1945, and I don't know, for me there was just something about this story - it's like a fairy tale, only when you watch the movie the first time it's like a cute movie from the 1940's. It's hard to explain. I think it was the commentary (which I only listened to once) that just opened up the movie for me. Since I first saw it in February I've watched it 3 or 4 times, but I don't know how many times I've listened to it- it's become background music for me when I'm working. It's an Instant Watch on Netflix right now.

Razmataz said...

Have you seen Amelie Z? Loved that one. Oh, I remember the Annie Hall should see me in a collared shirt and suit jacket....I look like a man...

What were we thinking back then when we dressed ourselves. It is so funny. Hope son and D are good.

June said...

Oh boy it is so great to see a photo of you my darling friend!!! I don't go to the theater much, (too far away) but I have seen many of these on your list over the years. I'm like you in that my list would be 'crazy' long. I really don't have a favorite though. But I seem to watch French Kiss over a lot.
Rats...that is sad about the bird. It happens a lot here in the country, especially in the Fall.
so good to see you Z!
love to you!

Susanne said...

It's funny how some movies are so good but you just don't want to watch them again, like Big Chill for me. Or TV's Northern Exposure, somehow it's just not the same. But others I watch over and over, like when I'm flipping channels and I'll just jump in wherever.
So from your list...
French Kiss - love Kevin Kline
My Best Friends Wedding - the Dionne Warwick bit makes the movie for me
Somethings Gotta Give - I should just admit that I really don't 'not like' Diane Keaton
Love Actually - all time fave
Practical Magic - Love Aidan Quinn
The Piano - "my mind has seized on ya and I can not think of nothin' else"
Flesh and Bone
Hope Floats
Something to Talk About
Uh oh, I think you've got me started.....

Susanne said...

Oh forgot to mention my 'house porn' (too funny) pics.....It's Complicated and The Holiday

Pam said...

My Mom always told me when a bird hits your window someone will die. So now whenever that happens I think of that and "thank" my Mom for that morbid and totally weird thought being in my head! BTW, the only thing that has ever died is the poor birdie.

Terra said...

Your list is full of interesting titles, many of which I have not seen.
I could add "Miss Potter", "The King's Speech", "What About Bob", "Secretariat", "Father Knows Best" and more.

Carole said...

Hey kiddo great to see ya!!!! You should make this your profile pic!

On the movies....I loved French Kiss. One of my favorite movies for ages was True Romance but now I wouldn't say it was....but have no idea what my fav would be.
I'll get back to you!


Rebecca said...

Great list... and I am a Diane Keaton fan, I'll watch anything she is in. I love Baby Boom
One of my favorites is Moonstruck and I will watch You've Got Mail over and over. I am also a big western fan, all time fav is Lonesome Dove and Tombstone.
I better get back to cutting squares... ha

A Cottage Muse said...

That is a great list...a few of mine are Murphy's Romance, Father of the Bride (the original), What's Up Doc and Yours, Mine and Ours (the original). I could go on and on!

Anonymous said...

I borrowed my daughter's copy of 'Under the Tuscan Sun' and haven't given it back yet. Bad Mom.
'You've Got Mail' is another fav. Loved 'Juno'. Loved Chocolat.

I don't usually recommend movies because everyone has such different tastes, but have you seen 'August Rush'? Liked that one too.

Have a great weekend, z.
~ Zuzu

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yes - Greencard'. Love.

Kit said...

Love your list, yes quite a few of your fav's are mine too. And it tickled me also when you said it has to be a movie that you know by heart. I do that when I am writing in my journal. My choices are anything Jane Austen, and the Larkrise series. Have a great weekend. Love love that pic of you. Kit

Bead and Needle said...

To add to your list, as it seems to be a romantic theme...Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis hurts my heart in that one), Gone With The Wind...and Beetlejuice, for the laughs, though it has nothing to do with your romantic theme. Now, if you want to do scary movies, I can pony up PLENTY of names there!

Mom left just yesterday afternoon, from her wonderful visit - tired, but hoping to catch up in blogland this week!

Claudia said...

So sorry about the little bird - heartbreaking.

I share many of your favorites. I'm glad to see My Favorite Year on your list - that has to be on my top ten list. I never tire of it. It's a gem.