Thursday, May 26, 2011


Justice and Libbey

I am off the radar. Just wanted to say a group hello to everyone. I am reading your posts and laughing and sharing with your ideas and stories..I am just unable to respond personally, or  individually until a little later.
I am happy that some of you got away to events and some of you are visiting family. Some of you are drenched with more rain, and some are planning parties this weekend anyway, some may 
roll down a dune or two.

So many of you have hit the gardens, the back yard or the front porch and attended fleas, farm sales and graduations. We are a busy lot.

Two have posted thoughtful and insightful posts about their personal struggles with weight and societal influences and pressures, some are experiencing personal losses of loved ones and beloved pets.
I adore you all but just for the past few days and a few more I am helping others.

Giving back.

When I scrolled through my roll late last night I thought to myself, what an amazing and diverse group of women.
Some I know intimately now, some I have never even chatted with, yet I peek into their lives daily and feel unconditional love. If you are unfamiliar with my gal pals over there to the right, go check them out.
You'll find kind hearted, intelligent
 gals that will enrich your life.

I have included pics of our beloved Libbey today

When I think of unconditional love 
she always comes to mind.
She was unconditional love wrapped in a furry,
constantly shedding, 95 pound box of love.
Years have passed without her but she touches my life still and that is my message today.
We touch each other's lives in so many small ways here.
The stories told, the heartaches shared, they carry on 
like seeds of wisdom in our hearts and we each replant them as we go on our own ways.
We say ""Hey I know a gal who did this, went here, found this" or I read about a Mom who did this to fix that issue... Let's try this, cook this at our next party, luncheon,... wedding. 

"She feels the way I do about these extra pounds, she is brave to discuss it, I need to be brave."

I carry you with me, in my heart, and you give back to me 
with each word and heartfelt thought you share.
Theresa sweetheart, you made my day with your call just now, and Carole your messages on my phone make me laugh after long hard days.
Heather and Sarah, these crazy days together 
are a blessing. Hard work but truly a blessing.

I am filled to the brim with gratitude for 
my friends both near and far.
I love you. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie and I just found you today,, such a lovely post,, not sure if this will work though here goes!

Blondie's Journal said...

I read this post and kept nodding and saying, "Yes. Yes". Near or far, we are all connected and we give each other support without even knowing it. The more we put out there, the more we can take back. This is not a reality show, but we are real women with something to say, and the beauty of it is, someone is listening.

Thanks for a loving and powerful post, Suzan.


Razmataz said...

Hey ZZ girl. Been missing you. Hope things are OK with you...nothing to worry about I hope.

Sold the cottage and so off to Florida next weekend to find the ultimate girls retreat.....

Terra said...

I am enjoying getting to know you through our blogging; we are a diverse, kind and multi-talented group, aren't we?

SUE said...

Suzan, have a wonderful long weekend! I love your words. SUE

Low Tide High Style said...

Z you are so right, blogging is full of the most amazing people, and you rank right up there at the top of the list! I feel lucky to know you!

Kat :)

June said...

Hey girl, I sure enjoyed this post!
Just popping in to say goodnight and sleeptight!
sending hugs from here...

Theresa said...

I felt the same... I went to work all smiles! You really said it all here, I feel exactly the same about the woman on here. So much love, inspiration, support, friendship, well girl, you said it so much better so I will stop now. I am blessed to be your friend. t. xoxoxoxo

time worn interiors said...

Hey Z! Thought of you the whole time we were in Brimfield! Wandering about, well you know what I'm talking about! E-mail me and let me know what it going on, I know you summed it up with this blog post, but I know there is more! Have a great weekend sweetie!

Bead and Needle said...

Thinking of you, Z!

Rebecca said...

Hey Z
What a lovely post... you are always an inspiration.
I am in WA safe and sound and I had such a beautiful trip... I love roadtrips with the Lord!
We had a grand time. Now it is work work work... still don't have my displays ready and time is ticking plus wireless is so slow here I have to go to Starbucks to post!
Blessings today my friend

d. reyné said...

Oh how I love you and this wonderful post you have left for us!
(I have had problems all day leaving comments and pray this one goes through!)
I too loved and lost a golden he still crosses my mind everyday!
I think it is time to get another!
I am thinking of you!
Have a blessed weekend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello My Dear~Best to you always.I enjoy my visits here often.Darling lil pups, two of my favorites.Have a fabulous weekend~Blessings Kim xox

Susanne said...

Such lovely words, nobody says it better than you!

Jacqueline said...

You sound a little sad Z...everything okay?

Faded Charm said...

Hope all is well and enjoyed your words today. I think you've summed it up quite nicely:-)

I did get to meet up with Rebecca today....she's beautiful inside and out. We had fun shopping for treasures and I'm so glad I got to meet her in person. Still need to hook up with you:-)


A Cottage Muse said...

Love the "behind the scenes" blogger experience. Some people just don't know how much they touch other people and help them along.

Great post...thanks for sharing. I feel that I just got to know you a bit more!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Jane said...

Hi Suzan,
Now don't you go make me tear up on a beautiful Sunday morning :) You are such an eloquent writer.....a beautiful post!

Jane said...

Hi Suzan,
Now don't you go make me tear up on a beautiful Sunday morning :) You are such an eloquent writer.....a beautiful post!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

~laura xx

marcia said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart.

happy day to you!

Norine ~rosethoughts~ said...

You make my day!

Lis Bommarito said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Blessings and a little prayer your way.

beth said...

i just bopped on over to check on you realizing that you hadn't been around for a bit....and then i see this and know you're okay.

i love what you wrote and feel the same way !!

here's a hug just for you....oh, and some ice cream,'s amaretto almond and so perfect for these hot days :)

24 Corners said...

What a sweet post...and the images are sweet also. I love that our fur-babies truly do stay in our hearts forever and are with us always.
xo J~

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Z......we certainly miss you. Hopefully things are O.K. with you. Your post was right on about all the wonderful ladies here in the blogging community.

See you soon,


Cindy said...

what a lovely post..I am kind of new in the blog world, but I have found such great people with big hearts that love all the same things I love. I always love reading your blog and hearing from you. Your followers (your friends!) are the ones that are blessed to have you!

Kathy said...

7 is my number - love Carole - love that garage don't you, lol?
I am following all the blogs also and I am leaving a comment here!

great giveaway and I have to admit you make me love white!