Friday, May 20, 2011


Celebrating the big 400.
I still cannot fathom that I have done this 400 times.
I meet up with you guys here to chat and share,
and you open up your lives and hearts with me,
and I am so blessed and I am so very grateful.

These incredible earrings, created by Heather French will
go to three lucky winners this weekend.
The first two pairs will go to two followers of oldgreymare selected at random, 
and one pair will go to the person who convinces me
 that they should win the third pair.

Blog about it, (let me know) or leave me a clever comment why you 
deserve to win, whatever you want to do
 to earn a pair of your very own.

Nearly impossible to choose, each flower is hand-dyed,
with exquisite color and shimmer
 and you will be stopped 
every time you wear them by folks asking
"where did you find those?"..seriously.

So, if you wish a chance to own 
a pair of these beauties,
saunter over there to the right
to make sure you are following, 
and comment if you choose.
I am thrilled to offer these to three
 of you dear friends. 
Thank you Heather.
(link to Heather's new site on Sunday)

You have until Sunday :D



Jane said...

Gorgeous earrings!! Congratulations on 400 posts! I would love to be entered in this fabulous giveaway. Why do I deserve to win......I'll have to work on that one!!
Have a great day.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Congratulations! It is amazing how those posts add up isn't it?

The earrings are just beautiful. I've never seen anything like them. I wouldn't begin to know how to convince you that I should have them, other than to say that they would make me very happy! I am a follower.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i will keep my fingers crossed for a random win.
seriously sexy, they are!
thank you for the opportunity
~laura xx

Jill said...

Umm. Not good at this convincing thing. pick me? No, pick me. Ahem, (clearing throat) Pick me! (smiling, gaining confidence) PICK ME! (jumping in air with arms up) PICK ME! PICK ME!
Ah heck, send them to someone else, this just isn't me.

Trisha said...

These earrings ARE beautiful! I have never seen anything like them. How generous you ladies are to be giving away 3 pairs!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!


My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning a give away.....and congrats on your 400th post. Isn't it amazing how the time flies out here in blogland.

Anyway....this earrings speak to me of fairies and flowers with butterflies mixed in. Since I'm an avid gardner....I think they are RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.



Oh...I've been a follower for ages

WhiteWhispers2u said...

These are beautiful I must say! Thanks for the chance to win a lovely pair of these lil gems~Cheers Kim xox I am already a follower

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Suzan, 400th post hoorah!!! These earrings remind me of the trumpet vine on my fence. It would be wonderful to wear these. I am a huge flower person. Thanks for the chance. hugs, judy

Terra said...

I love sparkly shiny things so please enter me.

Beatnheart said...

See these ears...the lobes lacking in any sort of decoration, plain, dull, uninspiring... Boring, a big yawn of a lobe without a sparkle, a glimmer ...aching for some beauty to be bestowed upon them..what was the point, they are saying, of even putting holes into us
if you are leaving us bare and naked. We want, no need,joy and light and especially we like and want something blue...YES! perfect!

Thank you...we are content

Rebecca said...

Wow... 400 posts! That is incredible, congratulations!
We are resting today and then we are off to the ball :) I only hope I look like a Bohemian gypsy instead of an old bag lady... ha

Bead and Needle said...

Because I could wear those to the store, NAKED, and they would seriously be the first thing people looked at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather IS amazing - those earrings are amazing - YOU are amazing - HAPPY 400, Z! You rock, too!!!!!

April said...

400 posts is quite an accomplishment...BIG CONGRATS and here's to many more! Well, as you know, my hubby lost his job recently and we've been in a bit of a tailspin ever since. Oh, we KNOW that God has great plans for us, but it's the being patient part that's the hardest. So, as you can imagine, I can definitely use a little picker upper and a pair of those STUNNING earrings would do just the trick. Nothing like a little bling to make everything "all better", right? Thanks, Suzan!

Al said...

Happy 400! Wow, that's a pretty fantastic milestone to achieve. I've been a follower of your sweet blog. Love coming here, to see what you are up to. Always so very inspiring. Those earrings are quite lovely, would love to have a pair of my own... fingers crossed. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Ames said...

Wow 400 followers. That's great! Yes I would love to enter your giveaway and why? Well I love those earrings and I would love to say that you gave them to me when everyone admires them!:) ~Ames

Anonymous said...

What a super duper nice giveaway you are having. I love giving pretty little bobbles away to my readers. Very pretty earrings!


Theresa said...

400!!!! You know I love you and well you have so much to share with all of us from funny to inspiring to soul searching and for that I thank you.
Why do I deserve to win the earrings?
I am a lobe model.
I know I have not relinquished this information before but there you have it. It's out in the open.
I can send you my portfolio and my latest job shoots if need be.
I think with 400 posts we are all the winners here!
love ya! t. xoxoxooxoxo

Tammy said...

Congrats on 400! Whew! That's alot!
Lovin those just the place to wear em too! Enter me to win!
Junk Wild

Claudia said...

Hey there! I already am a follower. Well, let's about this: I deserve the earrings because I'm far away from home for 7 weeks. I'm lonely - maybe a beautiful pair of earrings might be just the thing to make my day!


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Congrats on your 400 followers. I am your newest follower and I really need to win these bobbles because they are lovely and would make my day to find them in my mailbox. Close your eyes. Listen to my soothing voice. . .take a deep breath. . .relax. . You will now pick me. You will now pick me. You will now pick me.
It worked didn't it?!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Hi Suzan. I am already following. I really really want these beautiful earrings. No I NEED these beautiful earrings. These are so pretty and I surely would feel pretty wearing them. Thanks for entering me for a chance and congrats on 400.


jojo said...

Congrats on the 400! Why should I win these??? Why, so I can be noticed, of course. Thanks for the chance...

d. reyné said...

Hey Z!
I am so in love with these gorgeous earrings!
I am so deserving of these because my ears are not the most lovely and these amazing earrings would be so stunning one would even notice! They would be all that anyone could look at!
Have a great evening Z You know I love you and congratulate on the big 400!
Woo Who!
Love ya bunches,

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh my they are just lovely!
What a creative artist Heather is!!

Why should I win? Maybe because I tried to brown nose the other day telling you that you are witty and pretty?!! Ha!

Laura said...

Four hundred posts is a real milestone-
they do add up, right?
I am a follower and I would love to join in.
The earrings are wonderful!

White Spray Paint

A Quilter Awakens said...

Those are so dang pretty. Karmen

Kit said...

Oooooooo, as the crow said in "The Secret of Nimh", SPARKLIES! So very pretty and they would look gorgeous nestled in my dark red hair!....LOL Congrats on your 400! Like you I just love my blogging friends and can't believe I have found this wonderful community. Have a great weekend! Kit

Carole said...

Just here to congratulate you on your 400 posts!!!! though I could be made to kiss up big time for those earrings. Mama Mia those are gorgeous! Do you think they would look good with my gardening apron and my baseball cap??? haha

I'll put your giveaway on my sidebar and if I ever get a post together I'll mention it.


Bead and Needle said...

And, because I was expecting to have to fight off zombies last evening, as I got out of the Philharmonic, and was a little disappointed...I had my little pocket knife at the ready. THESE would make me forget about THAT horrible disappointment!

Yeah, that AND wearing them to the store while naked. People, including zombies, would ONLY see the beautiful earrings I had on, I know!

Happy Zunday, Z!

Bead and Needle said...

And, HEY - does Heather have a link to the new site, yet??????????????

Deb said...

I just happened upon your site today and wish I could convince you that I would make these earrings my favorites just as I have made you one of my favorites! It was your lavender sachets and wool roses that got me here and it is your sense of style that will keep me here. Introducing me to Heather's jewelry is a bonus!

Marit said...

Gratulerer med 400.
These are beautiful.
I think one earrings want to
go to Norway. :)

Jillayne said...

400 hmm? That's quite an accomplishment,and I bet you have at least 400 more things to say. The well won't go dry...
The earrings are stunning. I haven't seen anything quite like them. Simply beautiful!

erin said...

hey girlie...just checking in from the beach.......and glad i did....hope i am not too late for the wonderful giveaway! those earrings are fabulous! happy 400th, sweety! more sand and sun and fun tomorrow for me.