Sunday, February 6, 2011




When you grow up an hour from Pittsburgh,
and their training camp is in your home town,
well, it's in your chipped ham, rolling rock,
jumbo bologna, Halula's ever lovin' heart.

Just read this minute while I was spell checking that Halula's is gone now,
Steelers better win, I'm depressed.

7:07 pm  AH POOH, But congrats Packers!


Bead and Needle said...

We're Steelers fans from the Bradshaw/Harris/Swann days - Go Steelers! Sorry about your restaurant...maybe you can recreate in your own kitchen - I know you're handy like that! :-) Happy Super Bowl, Z...Tanya

The French Bear said...

You are precious!!! Go Steelers too!!!!!
The packers stole their colors from our Edm. Esks, hahaha......well they could have!
What's Halula's?
Love, love the hearts!!!
Margaret B

Razmataz said...

You should have seen all the men in the grocery store today, all armed with chips and salsa, steaks, ribs, ground beef and kidney beans. Men and their meat!

Kit said...

Love it! Did you know that Franco Harris went to my high school? He was a legend in our town (Mt.Holly, New Jersey)As he graduated I entered and went to school with his brother. I love the Steelers just for that reason, but am a diehard Denver Bronco fan. Lived there for 5 years, during the Elway years. Bliss! Kit

Terra said...

Don't be shocked but one of your blog's followers (me) is a Packers fan. When I grew up in Wisconsin I attended many games at Lambeau Field, sometimes up in the press box, and I still love the team.
Let's still be friends, LOL.

Jacqueline said...

Eldest daughter went to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, so we are cheering for the gold and black today!

Blondie's Journal said...

Go Steelers...but I will be shouting this from my bed where I am snuggled up watching a Lifetime movie!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually a Washington Redskins fan (formerly lived in Virginia), we all know how sad that is...I like the Steelers and the Packers but (and I apologize ladies) I did root for Green Bay today!

beth said...

yeah for our packers.....what a game !

Charlene said...

Great game!!!! Sorry you Steeler fans were disappointed. Hubby watched the whole game & didn't really have a TEAM of choice since our Dallas Cowboys STUNK this year!!!!! HUGS!