Monday, February 21, 2011


My shop is up and running, 
though still experiencing some kinks.
There always seems to be a learning curve.

All products are labeled by category 
for easy retrieval on the side bar.
Every new item will have a thumbnail pic 
at the top right of my sidebar under
 Come See What Is New,
 until the newest items are listed.
Ordering and payment is easy,
and I am happy to answer all questions.

Link on that photo of my Mom top right
 to visit, and please leave me a howdy-do! 

This week:
Wool Roses, Heart Sachets Of Linen Burlap,
and bringing back an all time best seller 
Baby Bears.
 Bears of the softest flannels, wools and homespuns; 
perfect for the grip of chubby baby hands.
Watch for arrivals under:

What I am craving now:

Jill Schwarts Jewelry
Available here at Maynard Greenhouse
Is it too early to ask Santa?

Santa, I've been good,
must I wait? 


Jill said...

You know I had an email from Santa just this morning (we are tight) that he is still recovering from the load of the past December and he's really hoping that all the good girls will take care of themselves in the gift department.

Romeo said...

mEoW! Wait?!? Perish the thought! Go for it!!!! The first one, the bracelet has "her" swooning....sure hope "she" doesn't fall off the chair and hurt herself....I haven't had my evening snacks yet!

We are both loving your new shop and are anxiously awaiting something that will needing to come to live with's just a matter of time....I'll be sure and watch.

I hope mew are having a good start to your week!

Purrs and head bonkers to you and Howie.


Jane said...

Sounds like you have the shop running like a well oiled machine. I love that photo of your mom. She was adorable!!
And it's never too early for a Christmas wish list!!

Charlene said...

ADORE the horse photo. And all the goodies in your shop items are yummy! Good luck! I have been wanting to open a shop but, just haven't gotten there yet. HUGS!

Lis Bommarito said...

What a lovely shop you've created, congratulations! Why wait for Santa when you know you deserve a takes the pressure off him when you take care of yourself, doesn't it?

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Suzan congratulations on the shop!!!
I have wanted to do something similar for my art and crafts and seeing what you have accomplished I am encouraged to face my fears and plow on.
I wish you every success! Go Suzan!
Tina xo

Char said...

congratulations on the shop!

and those are beautiful pieces that you picked from the other shop

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful photo of your mom as a young girl. Now I'm off to have a peek at the updated look of your shop! :-)