Monday, February 28, 2011


Achieving perfection in anything is difficult.
At times, we can only give it our best shot,
 and hope it counts for enough.

Recycling is grand, but not purchasing items
that need to be recycled is one better, or so I thought.

I know that the safest, most tested water
 comes directly from our taps,
but I'm not always a huge fan of the taste.
Having a fridge filter,which by the way ends 
up in a landfill, or using a pitcher type
 filter is the best alternative
 to not purchasing bottled water, 
even though the plastic is recyclable.
I covered that in another PG... many of our plastic bottles
 sit in landfills in India after being 
shipped using fossil fuels.. OK,
you know the drill and comprehend my guilt... 

Shame on me, I started purchasing these
 to make my cold brew tea.

I justified it by knowing that I would use 
at least 24 empties for emergency water storage.
When I had used those 24, I promptly 
gave a dozen to a client to use for her 
emergency storage, then another 12 to a friend.
Since I cannot always count on knowing someone who
 will accept a dozen, even though EVERYONE should 
have emergency water storage, I had to determine
 if I could continue this luxury, without tremendous guilt.
Put your recycling where your mouth is Suzan.
Last week I was faced with 8 empties.
Guilt rained down like a toxic cloud.

At Target yesterday, perusing the $1.00 section,
  I loaded several sets of little pots into
 my cart to use inside my drawers for organizing,
when the proverbial light bulb arose. 
I already had containers at home if I just
 cut off the bottom of the bottles. WOOT!

only 1 problem..I still had the tops! ARGH!

Poke a teeny hole in the cap and you have
 a way to slow water outdoor pots while away from home.
Cut the cap part off and you have a shield 
or mini greenhouse for small seedlings!
(Use your imagination, no seedlings here)

Oh, guilt be gone! 
Well, until I accumulate too many again...sigh

Anyone need drawer organizers? Anyone?

This bears repeating from an earlier 
Project Genesis post. If you have 
not viewed The Story of Stuff,
you really should educate yourself and 
those that you love.

Please join us! It truly helps.  
The planet matters. 

Don't know or remember the rules? 
I reserve the right to edit links if
you do not play nice... : D

Just got a notice from link...seems there is a slow down today

"About the site slowdown today:

I worked hand in hand with my hosting service today and we narrowed down the one and only issue: thumbnail images.

The retrieval and downloading of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of thumbnail images when your visitors view a Thumbnail Linky on your blogs is causing the overall webserver that hosts Linky Tools to slow down." 

The solution is to have JUST the thumbnail images hosted on their own dedicated server. So I just spent all the subscription income to buy a server and have it hooked up to a very fast internet connection.

There will be NO interruption in service when the new thumbnail server goes online, however IT IS GOING TO TAKE 2-3 DAYS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  I’m praying there won’t be any website slowdowns in the meantime,  like there were today, but I have no way of knowing or guaranteeing that."
Don't know exactly what this means to our link for
PG but one link has already made it through, 
so keeping fingers crossed.


marcia at Child in Harmony said...

Yes.. be away with guilt! LOVE the extra uses for the bottles. very clever!

I got too zealous and clicked post ... instead of posting it tomorrow. oh well.

happy day!

Terra said...

Brilliant ideas and I see that we think alike. I love to recycle, not to buy unnessary things and to be a good steward of the earth.

Theresa said...

always thinking, way to go! see you tomorrow... xoxo

Brenda Kula said...

You're so clever! My husband is the bottled water type. Me, I just drink whatever. Don't want to buy the plastic bottles. I need to start thinking more like you though. Love my little felt roses!

Blondie's Journal said...

You are clever. I like what you are doing with the bottles {bottom half for half for the plants}. I happen to like Lake Michigan water but we have well water at the lakehouse. I just bring water from home to the lake and the bottles are recycled at the store there. I am not so savvy about what happens when they reach their recycled capacity. We just have to remember that we can do the best we can with what we have and with what we have, do our best.


Razmataz said...

I can picture your very neat drawers now being perfect with these organisers. Great idea Suzan.

Char said...

wonderful green ideas. i also have a brita filter pitcher in my fridge to make lovely filtered water whenever i want it.

sharon said...

Good ideas for those bottles. Since we have chilled water through the fridge I stopped buying bottled water and hey, we all survived!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

yeah, i stopped using the bottled water a few years ago. now i use a brita. i agree with you on not liking the taste or smell of some tap water, although im sure its safe.
have a great day
~laura xx

Ames said...

We drink filtered water from our fridge but I can't go without using the expensive filters for it. The filter's remove contaminants such as Asbestos,Chlorine, Mercury and Cyst to name a few. A cyst is the form that parasites take on. If interested you can read more about cyst here:

Is that gross or what! So, I am not sure how to get around using them. My husband and I drink water more than anything else. It's so beneficial for the body. I also rank those metal water bottles they sell in stores right up there with those plastic bottles. And they are made in china.

Your ideas for repurposing plastic bottles is a good one. You could also use the cut off tops as a funnel. Love your blog and I am your newest follower. ~Ames