Friday, February 4, 2011

String Silly

Just a fool for Love

A stringing Fool
Poor photos I know, but it's midnight,
and I have another full day tomorrow.
Just wanted to show a couple gals who asked 
what the paper garland looked like. 
Draped over my Juliet balcony.
There are three strands so far, 
both about 9 feet in length.
Two strands to go and then.....? 

Don't know if they will drape the chandelier,

or just dance in the breeze right here by the heater outlet.
Combo of bad lighting and movement at midnight equals
bad photos.....but when you are in a hurry after 
dying your hair at 11:00 pm and still have at least an hour
of prep for tomorrow and an early am ahead, I'm hoping
my gal pals will forgive me.

If you feel the urge, it is just jute and punched shapes.
Pairs glued together with the jute sandwiched in between.
Have a safe and HaPpY weekend everyone!



Blondie's Journal said...

These are SO sweet! I like them on your chandelier.

Happy Friday, Suzan!


Bead and Needle said...

Darling, darling! "Where for art thou, Romeo"...happy weekend, Z - Tanya

Anonymous said...

Hi z,
I've been wanting to do a lil something for Valentine's - this is such a great idea!!!

Jules said...

Those are cool. I recently started back with macrame. Love playing with string :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

erin said...

this gal pal will always forgive. thanks for showing me......i am (of course) excited and inspired by the sweet hearts.

love the juliet balcony :0)

don't work too hard, sweety.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

So cute Suzan
You know I never liked hearts until a few years ago... didn't like pink or hearts... just thought it was too girly for me.. but now I have embraced the inner girly!!! Although I have also embraced the inner cleaning frenzy so I'm de-cluttering and pretties will once again have to wait... Yours look fab though!!!

Have a great weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

Anonymous said...

I have a light fixture over my DR table that something like this would look lovely hanging down.

Jane said...

Beautiful garland...a nice touch for the upcoming holiday!! I love the hearts in your previous post. So pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend.

The Boston Lady said...

What in the world are you doing drying your hair at 11 pm anyway? I know, you had a big day ahead of you.... Love your heart/Romeo garlands. Ann

A Cottage Muse said...

Cute idea!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Victoria said...

Love all these hearts your creating...
what a lovely touch for this month of love!

Kit said...

They look awesome! Love your idea. Kit

Beatnheart said... just never stop being cool. You are my role get to bed!

Carole said...

Hey you could have been making these while we were on the 100 of them...haha!
These are so cute! I still have made NOTHING!!!
but I have tons of ideas....wonder if I could just tell them my ideas instead? yeah I thought so!

marcia at Child in Harmony said...

LOVE the simple but yet so beautiful !

happy day!