Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Monday

The thunder is rolling in the distance.
I apologize.
For the non-lala land followers this obsession with
my weather must be boring you to tears.
But my surroundings exert great influence on my
attitude and enjoyment of life.
SO, c'mon thunder! Roll away over here right atop my house.
I just brewed my smooth and mellow blend from Trader Joes,
have plenty of peppermint mocha creamer,
have my page marked in my latest mystery,
still in my jammies (at NOON!),
waiting on the porch with the tin roof...
and the thunder rolled.....

for about two minutes... ARGH!

Not the whining kind, or the snobs..but real bores.
Munching away inside my enormous, provide me shade
all summer, pink silk tree.

I was going to show you a pic of a bore but thought you would prefer this

Anyway, stopped by the nursery yesterday to
get tree medicine, I suppose I should call it, and the guy
scared me half to death. Said "I had probably had them for years,
probably infected your entire yard, could lose all your shrubs and trees."

Then recommended a couple bottles of stuff to the tune
of $36.00 and told me "that would fix me right up."
Just what I need; a Jekyll and Hyde nursery guy.

(Carole and George I need you.)

These things tend to weigh heavily on my mind... when someone
tells me a tree I've lovingly tended for 17 years may just
up and die, and by the way when it does come
crashing over in a storm take out the better portion
of my living room and bedroom ceilings, I tend to obsess.

While I am obsessing I must also confess to an
unnatural attraction to word verification "words?"
Anyone else notice that they seem to be real words
in disguise and if you stare at them long enough you will decipher
the true meaning? No? just me?


no weirder than these:

..and these are in Websters!

Told you the weather affects my mood, or perhaps it is just
Monday Monday
Can't trust that day..



Olive Cooper said...

We stay weather aware here all the time. I know just how you feel about the bores. We had Southren pine beetles. I just call them "money beetles" as they cost us over 2K to treat our yard twice and have three huge trees taken down. The guys dropped one tree on a patio and it had to be re-poured.It was a nightmare that went on all spring and summer. So I say treat those bores because the snowball effect we had I do not want to happen to you! hugs♥O

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

Love your image..nature is so beautiful~ :)Rachel

Jacqueline said...

Oh sound all over the place poor darling. Must be the rampant electricity in the air.

Anonymous said...

I adore rain storms too! I sit right on the sofa with the window slightly open just to listen to's nature's song for sure.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I told you before that people in Las Vegas are the most depresses due to the weather. I know I hate summer and you have mega summer 9 months of the year.
You can show me your borers anytime sweets. We should have bug blog day. We'd really scare them off then. Watch the followers run baby! Why are women so scared of a few bugs?...lots more scary things out there to fright food from McDonalds to start!

I have noticed weird words from word verification like cancer after reading someone in their family had it. Very creepy.
I got rid of my word verif. cuz I hate it on everyone elses.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

So I'll now be singing the Mamas and the Papas all night long? I like gentle storms, I just don't like it when the warnings are breaking in every few minutes saying we are going to blow away. We have sunshine and cool weather here today.

Sorry about your tree...hope you save it!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

maybe try giving your tree a huge HUG

Razmataz said...

You should plan a trip to Ontario. Cold. Wet. Windy.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Suzan
I return from the wilderness!!! Well I for one love a good thunderstorm... especially when you have a view out over the sea.....and well I never thought of myself as a girly girly but these days I don't like bugs too much myself... I hope your poor tree gets the help it needs it would be sad to lose all that beautiful shade...

I was reading Carole's comment and it's interesting as I often hear those that live in dark wintery places get depressed... I think it's the constant season.. hot or cold that brings ppl undone.. as for me I'm glad spring is trying to get here... although ask me again in the heat of summer..

ok.. long comment for long overdue visit... I agree word verification thingy seems to tune in on the conversation.. although not today unless you can make something out of .. 'bogeo'...

ciao ciao... off to visit ppl whilst I have my temporary internet reprieve!!! xxxx Julie

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You want to talk about weather??? Here it goes: Temperature difference in gorgeous Cali between LAST Monday and today??? 40 degrees!!!!! Yes, 40 degrees: the weather is crazier than us!!! How can we not obsess????

June said...

You crack me up! I happen to love your weird moods. They make so much sense to me. I am always obsessing over things like bores (in my aspen trees)the whole grove of them)) We just lost our big crabapple (the one that the hammock is tied to) tree to fireblight and had to cut it down this week. I am still wearing my mourning clothes! I don't think they will be coming off anytime soon either.
We have a little thunder going on tonight and it is pouring rain. Love it!
hugs to you

Jules said...

Sorry I'm late but better late than never. You are a hoot! Yes, I hate those word verification things. I feel like it tries to read my mind :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

E. Charlotte said...

I was just now telling my sister that we should start getting our kids' names from those word-verification words. They're so silly! But so like real words! LOL.

Loved your post about your thunderstorm. :) I hope your trees are ok!

Romeo said...

Ah yes, a thunderstorm! "She" loves a good thunderstorm and "her" favorites are those on the beach. Of course, it's always better to be inside. And on that point I agree - I like to sleep while they are carrying on. A tin roof?!? Oh, what comfort and excitement all rolled into one!

The poor tree. We are both tree huggers. Me literally as I climb. "Her" while standing on the ground. LOVES those trees and gets cranky when one of them are not well. Will engage in ferociousness if Dad mentions cutting one down. Yep, it's an interesting life living here. Thunderstorms and tree huggers are both welcome here.

P.S. my word verification morphed into conch as in shell....

Jillayne said...

I don't think there is much better than a great storm, except maybe a great word war. We used to have them at the bank where I worked and it seemed everyone had a dictionary in their desk. Someone would use a word, someone else would call the challenge that it wasn't a real word and the dictionaries would fly; sometimes the cutomers would even get in on it! I hope you tree makes it through for you. I try hard with my plants but my son says everything I buy should come with chalk outlines as it's only a metter of time...

erin said...

hi Z! please send some of that rain this a way!! we are in a terrible drought. i am afraid our fall will consist of leaves just turning brown, shriveling and then falling. we have had such a year of extremes.......over it. i can't seem to get back into the swing of things here after a week at the beach. err.

i got rid of word verification...i have heard some might not leave a comment if they have to deal with that?

i actually think some bugs are beautiful...but not when they are destroying something you love. sorry. a product i have seen good results with is "Bayer Tree and Shrub", you can find it at Home Depot. good luck....