Monday, October 18, 2010

I Voted!

Have YOU? Will YOU?

(I was reminded some don't have early voting)

and because I'm in the mood this Monday:
some things to ponder, no pretty pictures but it is still good
to exercise your brain matter

100 thing challenge

333 challenge

Neo minimalism

and no, I'm not advocating either side of the discussion,
(someone just emailed - most distressed at me), I am merely
advocating that we think, ponder, alternative ideas.
Yes, I did indeed just acquire a set of dishes but go back a few posts
to my sale to see the mountain of things I and others
recently sold and donated.
In the past year I have reduced my personal
belongings by 1/3 and will continue to pare down.
It's a process.

8 comments: said...

You voted already?! I CAN NOT wait to vote this November!!!
Capers of the vintage vixens

Theresa said...

Those sites are worth checking out, I just quickly clicked on them and need to go back for more. My son John prides himself on being a minimalist, except of maybe vintage coats and well maybe vintage clothes in general:) he lives pretty simply. I have been trying to get rid of things around here but I find it much harder than I thought it would be... really trying to avoid the hoarder episode they have me assigned to! LOL!! Have a great night! Theresa xoxo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Suzan
Did you know here in Australia it is compulsory to vote? Of course that means a lot of ppl vote for just anyone.. or even Mickey Mouse... non-voting attracts a hefty fine!

So I'm still trying to downsize and doing a poor job of it... need to get a move on it so my next move is not so restrictive...

Have a great day.. xxx Julie

Olive Cooper said...

I voted last week!

Bead and Needle said...

I voted yesterday - exercise your right!

north pal said...

i have been trying this also as i think my soul needs it. i like my "things" and not have so many things is more Godlike. or what He would want for us. we absolutely do not need all of our treasures. it's hard to down size,extremely hard. all i can say is that when i practice the down sizing and 100% faithful, i am very ruthless and the stuff gets put into the garage sale pile. if it does not sell,it does get dragged home to sit, it gets loaded up and taken to Good Will. i keep trying.Bestest,Denise

Anonymous said...

I did not set out to become a member of a cult ha-haaaa, but we have really (I do mean REALLY) reduced the clutter and are much happier. I'll check out the sites - thanks, z!
~ Z

Evi said...

have not voted yet, here it's still some days away.
As to decluttering.... have done this for the last few years.
If one thing comes into the house, another must go out.
So, things are coming and going here!
I also have a bag in my studio - storage room where I put fabrics etc. I no longer want. That goes to the GoodWill store. Some other creative person can have fun, figuring out what to do with the goodies.
Blessings, Evi