Saturday, October 2, 2010


It rained today.
It lasted about 4 minutes and was accompanied by winds
that battered my ash tree and thunder that made
the pups go crazy running through the house and barking.

I don't care that it was a mere 4 minutes.

To me it's a sign that Fall is just peeking around the corner.
Honest, for sure, absolutely.... this time.

To celebrate I cut up 11 Granny Smiths and Galas,
tossed them with 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water;

chucked it all in the cooker and after a few hours,

rough mashed 'em and lit my favorite sugar cookie candle.

I believe I can hear the leaves
softly falling to the ground.



Elaine said...

Love your post.. I can taste those apples already...yum yum!!

Kit said...

Oh that sounds so nice. It was hot here again today, and I am looking forward to some rain that is coming our way Monday. Kit

E. Charlotte said...

What a wonderful post! :) I am glad you are enjoying the start of Fall.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Fabulous - and flavorful! - post:)

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*I love Fall too~~*Your apples look yummy too!~*~ ;)Rachel

jojo said...

I smell apples simmering...yummm!

p.s. word verification was "storm"

Becca said...

It was very refreshing indeed! I'll be hoping for more tomorrow. Love the apple idea!

Jacqueline said...

Way ahead of you here Suzan...we've lit a fire the past two nights. Of course, it could have to do with being up in the wee hours of the morning watching the golf from Wales that has added to my chilliness!

I swear I could smell those apples cooking as I read your delicious post.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I wish I could send you some of the rain we've had....about 3 days worth...but I'm not complaining. As long as yesterday was gorgeous for the wedding.
I finally made an apple cobbler. Doesn't it just make the whole house smell incredible?


robyn said...

YUM! I made a MILE HIGH apple pie and a German Apple Cake! Perfect for fall~!

Olive Cooper said...

I can just imagine it smelled heavenly!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

you sure know how to live girl!
~laura x

June said...

Oh yes it is in the air. I smell it, I sense it everywhere now. But YOU, my friend, know how to properly usher it in!
hugs and love,

katie said...

Oh yes, fall is here in the ozarks.
42 degrees this morning.

Maureen said...

Now that sounds perfectly yummy!