Tuesday, March 9, 2010

White Wednesday Recalling Past Gardens

Darling daughter took some of these photos a few years back and when I saw
them today; I decided they were prettier than what I was planning to use.

They are all taken in our back yard garden.

All the roses I have were gifts from my children on my
birthday or Mother's Day, and the three trees in the back
yard are from Mother's Day .

Yes, I collect the pine cones from this tree every year and use them
for crafting and display. I have been known to gather the neighbors
cones also if they leave them too long on the ground.

This rose bush came from dearest son on one summer afternoon when he
was barely a teenager. Very unceremoniously he handed it to me with a
"here Mom, this is for you." It is always the first to bloom every Spring.

This big pine in the front yard is a haven and roost spot to many types of birds.
Every spring and summer it is filled with morning doves that coo
right outside the bedroom windows.

One of my favorite photos. This is at a nearby park

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Kiki said...

What a breathtaking and beautiful post!! Haunting beauty!! Gorgeous..I love everything..!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Absolutely lovely. Such grace in roses ~ beautiful photos. Thank you.

Julie said...

Oh your post is just a wishful inspiration for Spring to hurry up. all of the bird and flower photos were beautiful. And I loved the geese by the pond. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Just a beautiful, serene post...thank you!!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

This is such a peaceful post full of beauty and hope of Spring. The photo of that rose that your son gave you is stunning the way the light hits it.
I love the new blog layout...
very grisblanc! lol


tales from an oc cottage said...

What amazing shots!!!!!

m ^..^

Bead and Needle said...

The teeny bit of snow we got in Henderson today goes right along with all the rest of these beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing...Tanya

June said...

I can't even tell you how beautiful this post is Suzan, 'cause words won't do it justice. These photos are pure art. Your daughter should be proud and I already know you are proud of her, friend. I especially loved the story of your son presenting you with the rose bush...so sweet. I think he sounds like my older don here.

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful, peaceful photos!

Low Tide High Style said...

Wonderful photos and I love how you have received so many of your beautiful flowering plants from your children as gifts!

Kat :)

erin said...

how absotootly lovely that your roses are from loved ones! your daughters images are lovely

Debra@Common Ground said...

Wonderful to find your blog, I just love all these gorgeous images of your rose garden. I'm a real bird lover so I really enjoyed your photos! Have a wonderful WW!

Sherry said...

What lovely photos!! I can't wait for blooms!!

Rita said...

Love it all, and the ducks. Thank you so much for sharing. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Faded Charm said...

These photos are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It has me dreaming of summer.

Take care,