Friday, March 5, 2010

hulu hooray

I may be the last person to come to hulu, but my addiction is first rate.

"Eventually I ran to Minneapolis, where it's cold and I figured I'd keep better". Rhoda:Rhoda and Joe, season 1, full screen on my Mac. One after the other.

Last evening, discontented with regular tv fare, I remembered darling daughter telling me about hulu and checked it out. I am not a fan of cop shows, murder shows, investigative after the murder shows, ( I do enjoy white collar but that is FBI) reality tv, teen comedy, teen pregnancy. OK you get the picture.

Now, do not misunderstand; I in no way consider Rhoda to be quality tv. But, just for the few hours I watched last night, the world felt calmer and safer and oh I don't know, I almost felt a tad bit younger.

There is photographic proof of me in my Rhoda days, head wrap scarf and all, the salvation for bad hair days. Those years were actually pretty cataclysmic for me so why they would seem soothing now, eludes me. Perhaps, even then they were escape.

I will be back there this evening, there are 25 episodes on hulu. What about after Rhoda you ask? aw c'mon you know "How will you make it on your own?" meow


erin said...

oh rhoda and mary tyler moore...great shows. a simpler time for sure! single ladies, with jobs, that was a new concept back then...i don't think younger people relize that woman have not had RIGHTS for very long.....

June said...

Suzan, well we would defintely fight over the remote at your house (or mine) you hate all the shows I love (I wonder if it has to do with having a cop for a husband)? lol
I don't think I could even sit through one episode of I guess we would just end up having to go out!!!

carla said...

I've watched all the Bob Newhart episodes on Hulu, some of the Ironside and It Takes a Thief. Now I've begun Rawhide from the first season.

Watching the Rockford Files makes the 1970's look less ugly than I remember them. Well, a little less ugly.