Saturday, September 5, 2009

What is junk and what is treasure?

To you locals who knew about the garage sale, another has come and gone. I have been working with a client, clearing out some long term storage issues and to speed things along, we had a very short notice garage sale today down in old Vegas and we did well! Much better than the client hoped for and we even surpassed my set goal. I always have a realistic goal and a shoot for the moon goal. Today we approached lunar orbit. Yee-ha!

We will be having another in about a month and this one will feature holiday collectibles similar to the last sale at my home. So, if you liked that one, you may not want to miss the next. If you wish to be alerted for these sales, please ask me via email to be notified.

Thanks to all who stopped by to shop and visit. We love ya!

There are still three spaces in the Gathering "A Wicked Sense of Humor". Registration is ending very soon. If you have questions concerning a Gathering, please contact me and I will be happy to explain how the Gatherings work, and also describe how the organizing and design side of oldgreymare operates.

Spring is the traditional time to get organized but seriously, isn't any time a good time to deal with all our "stuff?" If you combine an organizing sweep through your home with a garage sale you will have extra money for the Holidays fast approaching. (102 way!) In honor of the holiday spirit I am offering reduced rates- please inquire.

Have a good long weekend everyone. As I reminded a friend today. Labor Day and Memorial Day are huge organ transplant days for a reason. Be careful, stay safe.

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June said...

Yard sale...did someone say yard sale? Darn, I hate that I live so far away from you. It sounds like it was a good one.
I want to thank you for the awesome comment you left about my porch...I'm still smiling.