Friday, September 25, 2009

Preview Sale

HOLY COW! We are a third of the way toward my HOPEFUL, (not even my expected tally for the whole sale) just from the preview sale! We are so thankful to those of you who came out to support us this evening and we know many treasures found wonderful new homes. Hopefully we'll see the rest of you tomorrow bright and early. 5:30 is SO early........

Special thanks to Ann and her Mom, whose name has slipped my mind, it was a long day:-(, Stephanie, Carol, Heather, Lynn, Margaret and Sue. Thanks to Heather and Margaret for helping us price.

We'll be back at it at 7am tomorrow and I promise to post a "before" of the madness. Everyone who attended tonight went home with boxes and boxes and BOXES of stuff, and it still doesn't look like we made a dent!

I also lined up a couple more October clients after they realized what could be accomplished with their "stuff ". I'm thrilled and cannot wait to get started. As my niece reminded me tonight, it is odd that I get almost giddy with excitement to do something that most people despise doing almost more than anything else. Yeah well, maybe odd, but organized!

Happy Weekend everyone and Sarah, did you know it is going to be 73 on Wednesday? (hehe)

Should I mention the soft porn, I mean Romance novels? Ha! GOTCHA!

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