Thursday, September 24, 2009


The SALE ( capitals necessary): Well, you see that is where I have been the past three weeks (and why no White Wednesday) and where I hope a lot of you will be this Saturday.

This project is a labor of love and friendship. Anne, a feisty, redheaded Texas broad with a heart of gold loved and adored her only child, a daughter. Playing alone for most of her childhood, the little girl treasured her toys and dolls while Anne collected vintage treasures of her own. She saved every piece of schoolwork that her daughter brought home, every precious plastic pony she played with. She rescued broken pieces of furniture, and planned to repair them some day. Political buttons, and pop memorabilia were tucked away because they would be "worth money." Anne collected dolls and supervised her own doll hospital. Opening trunks of beheaded and maimed doll parts was a little weird and sad. Everything was to be saved, "I might need it some day"..."my daughter loved this so."

Anne was so beloved by her daughter that upon her passing everything was put into storage, too painful to deal with at the time. Many years later, sadness continues but the time has come to deal. With overwhelming, leaning towers of boxes and bins, we have waded through the memories and the memorabilia and decided what is to stay, what is to go. It is not as simple as deciding what Tupperware is past it's prime, or tossing unworn clothing, though we have done that too. It has been a combined generational purge from Great Grandma to Great Grandson. Saving what is precious and pricing what is profitable.

This process has dominoed into an epiphany for my client. "It stops here." Piggybacked onto the former purge is a clean sweep of the clients archives and storage of her own. As drawers began to de-clutter, and closets were swept clean, hearts were no longer burdened with what "we should deal with." We've dealt with most of it, (a bit remains) and the culmination is the SALE. I've been inspired to clear out some cobwebs in my domain and I have added some bits of my own.

Have these same or similar issues? I am currently booking fall dates, would love to assist, and I am working at economy driven rates.

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