Thursday, September 10, 2009

NYU update

So many of you have kindly asked how the NYU experience is going and all is well. I knew darling daughter would have no problem, she thrives wherever she is planted. I must add a secret little hello to Vivian who stops by here occasionally. Hope all is going well for you dear and I also did GREEK and it was a wonderful experience. One of my "sisters" married my brother!

As for dearest son, he is just the busiest guy in the Northwest. He has exciting and inspiring plans that are all coming together in his newly formed company and I'm so proud of him, my buttons are busting. OK, they may be busting for other reasons, dang those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that come out in the fall! And the pumpkin lattes at Starbucks. Killers! Anyway....dearest son is doing fabulous also.

Concerning the empty nest, I have been very busy with oldgreymare business and that seems to have done the trick for now.

Thank you for the inquiries, I appreciate the warmth and good wishes.

A reminder:

A Wicked Sense of Humor
October 3, 2009

$ 80.00

  • Each Gathering is a day long retreat where we create many projects. Some you will complete at this gathering, others you may finish at home.The number of projects varies with each event. A sit down meal with wine and dessert is included. All Materials for the projects are included.

  • Space for this Gathering is limited to eight students and on a first come, first serve basis. Payment will be required to secure your space and is non-refundable. Please register by September 12th.

  • oldgreymare reserves the right to cancel Gatherings if desired class size is not met. Full refunds will be given if this occurs.

  • Come join me as we share good food, great company and create wonderful folk art. It is a day of rejuvenation. It is a day away from the job, the family, and the chores. It is a day dedicated to you and your imagination and creativity. Reconnect with friends and make new ones.


    To register please email

    *Upon registration you will receive a tools list if needed.

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