Friday, June 5, 2020

When All Else Fails

Burrow in

I've never before had a dog that likes to burrow.
Walter could win a medal for burrowing.

Yesterday he tried to climb up inside my 
maxi dress. 

I don't blame him a bit.
He was neutered this week. Not fun. The gravel is 
 too hot for his pads when he insists on going out 
in the high heat of the afternoon, 
but he is learning to follow the shade.

He has also sensed that I'm not so happy these days.

It is heart wrenching to watch what has
become of our nation, not just recently, but 
for decades. We have let corporate greed and
privileged white autocrats usurp our freedoms.

We are not done working on this democracy.
Many of us have become complacent and
'busy" with everyday matters.
That has to stop- wake up call folks.

Throughout our history we have risen to
fight the good fight. This time is no different, but I
pray it will be. That this moment is truly a catalyst for 
significant and meaningful change.
While many are fighting this fight; under cover of 
tweets, this administration is also decimating 
our ecological futures, placing racist conservative judges
 in federal positions and thousands have 
been deported, even young people, 
dumped to fend for themselves, 
or returned to countries where 
their very lives are in jeopardy. 
 My despair and fury run neck and neck,
alongside pride and hope for my kids. 

I wish that I too could just burrow
and make the days feel lighter.

But I can't.
It's all too damn important.



Prims By The Water said...

Sweet pup found a great spot! Janice

Sandra said...

What an eloquent commentary. I agree with everything you said.

Tracey Broome said...

Some days I have to burrow, but today I was uplifted watching the funeral of George Floyd. The speeches and the music brought me hope and forgiveness and I am so glad I paused in the middle of my busy day to watch history. Wesley and I have both had emotional days this week, but at least we took turns on different days lol.
I am just thankful for friends on social media that feel the same as I do and grateful to be in the tribe with like minded souls.