Sunday, June 28, 2020

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Without dogs, this quarantine 
would be much harder
for many of us.

Found this shot of Walter and his brother
on the rescue site. This was right after he was found.
I adopted him several weeks later.
There are days I wish I had taken both, but after
thousands in vet bills the last couple years I was 
concerned about cost. 

Here's the little bugger now.
Yep that's a rock in his mouth.
He brought this one inside.
How he's grown!

He is still a weirdo.
Insists on sleeping this way, tip of nose far right.

Someone is in time out.

New grand-dog Rilo on the left- Tubbs on the right.
Rilo was a quarantine rescue. They're adjusting well.

Everyone everywhere has had their say 
about everything going on.
I don't feel I have anything new to add.

If you've followed me for any time,
you already know where I stand.
You know I would like to clobber a few idiots 
who are too selfish, too ignorant, too lazy to 
be educated with scientific facts, or are
too evil to speak any truths.

Of course if I could clobber em, then if #45 
gets the affordable care act repealed, then they 
too would suffer insurance issues as their
existing conditions (my flattening their heads)
would no longer be covered.

Now, where is my cast iron skillet?



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Walter is SO cute and his brother .... did his brother get a new home too ? Walter must be such a lovely companion especially in the situation that we all find ourselves in at the moment !!! Look after each other. XXXX

TheCrankyCrow said...

He may be a weirdo, but he's an adorable weirdo. I've had lots of pets through the years, each and every one with their own unique personalities, but I have a cat now that puts a whole new spin on "weird" LOL. And, sigh, yes, everyone has something to say. I have my own opinions as well, but try to keep and open mind and am always researching the facts. And while I don't agree with reinstating the pre-existing condition thing (especially with my and my husbands "conditions"), the "affordable health care act" has been anything but affordable for us. I pay $1600+/mo in premiums, with an $8,500 deductible and my husband pays $1200+/mo in premiums with a $5,500 deductible....and we are locked in to crappy networks. In fact, I have to drive an hour to see a rheumatologist my insurance will cover. It is anything BUT affordable...but the welfare mama next door who chooses not to work (no medical issues...just no ambition) has free health care. Don't get it. Anywho. I know we agree to disagree. But, like I said, I try to keep my mind open and appreciate those who do likewise. Scratch that weirdo's ears for me! ~Robin~

Tracey Broome said...

He is the cutest weirdo ever! We are constantly entertained by our dog, and yes, this quarantine would be much more difficult without her. She makes us smile some days when its hard to find anything to smile about. What a reminder that there are dogs losing their owners during this pandemic, one more sad thing about it!