Thursday, May 28, 2020

Heads Down Butts Up Crazy

Went to sleep with him on my hip,
woke up to this.
Heads down butts up crazy these days.

Fascinated by this plant a balloon flower.

It bursts open to reveal a lovely purple beauty.
I wish I could "catch it" during the bursting part.

Got all the tomatoes planted, some in here
some in the old rose garden area.
Need to hook up the drip system once I get more 
veggies in there.

 My fig tree is looking good.
The birds did not get at the figs yet.
Fingers crossed

Whatever is in the pantry pasta -
 I didn't have enough of any one thing so I just
threw together whatever. 

Very good lemon pepper pasta made with my
own lemons and my own basil.

My son is such a  great cook,
every night a great concoction.
Last night moco loco.
Oh, how I wish I lived closer.

Ben and Helene adopting a new pup.
Our next gathering will now
 be 5 adults and 4 dogs. Yikes!
I pray little Walter will adapt as he 
is not dog socialized, or people
 either for that matter.
He gets window time each day to accept 
humans and canines walking by
without going nuts.
We're working on it.

He still likes to "perch" on my shoulder.
It was adorable when he weighed 6 lbs.
He climbs up my left front  
onto my shoulders and then curves around
onto the right shoulder. When he was small he would 
hang out there; he no longer fits.

Now he has to balance there, and then 
 he reaches around so he can kiss my face
 before falling off the right side
( nice roots eh?)

Bad pup parenting but I don't care.
It make us both happy and during
 these insane times with 
insane and ignorant humans,
Walter and I will be keeping our
heads down butts up,
away from all of it.

Stay safe



TheCrankyCrow said...

Love that first photo of Qalter LOL... What a silly pup! Isn't it amazing how animals can sleep in the weirdest of positions? That fig tree is looking amazing....It amazes me that people can actually grow their own lemons, limes, figs, etc. We can do apples and that's about it LOL. That dish your son made looks interesting... What's it all about? ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

What acute photo! Food looks great too! Janice

diamondc said...

That dog cracks me up, I think animals can sleep in any position and be happy.
The flower is beautiful.
I am a lover of pasta these dish's look so yummy.
Walter looks like a very sweet little guy, Krissy the dog sends hugs and kiss's.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Haha ! Walter looks so funny .... well, his rear end does !!! That purple flower is amazing ... I’ve never heard of it. It probably doesn’t grow here. Your pasta looks so delicious made even more so by the very fresh lemons and basil grown by your own fair hand. We are having pasta tonight.
You and Walter look after each other and stay safe. XXXX