Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

Huge surprise for Mothers Day,
thanks to Ben and Helene.
A new tv with Roku and lots of bells 
and whistles. It took some doing on my 
part to get it installed along with 
the sound bar I already had, but I DID IT!

I  know many of you have mega tvs
 but to me this is mega and just fits.

Old tv ( I think Hannah was in HS when I bought)
was so heavy- that may have been hardest part.
It has only made it to the garage so far.

I also got an enormous dinner, a favorite,  
via cheesecake factory
 from Hannah which lasted
 me three meals and 
included the most 
amazing brussel sprout appetizer.
Over the next couple days I got more goodies
in the mail.
I've got great kids.

Walter had his first bath yesterday.
At first I thought it was going to be big trouble,
but he settled down fairly quickly.
He's now fluffy and clean.

He needed a bath because he has been 
helping me get a vegetable garden going.
I am starting so late but there 
are things I can do now and then ramp up 
in the fall.

I found a great raised DIY planter on sale.
A whole passel of screws but easy to do.

It even came with the black liner.
So today Walter and I spent hours getting it ready and 
planting some tomatoes I ordered on line
in an unused area of the yard. 

Bought this paint by number painting to keep 
me distracted and I got a nice supply of books 
from blogger friend Jane- you all know her
as Blondie.  Thank you Jane!

I really, really miss the library
 and she was so kind to send me some 
of hers to read. During the sale in Oct, I 
donated 400 to my library
 fearing a move was imminent. hmmm?

 A Place To Call Home has ended,
I'm caught up on Dead To Me and Maisel.
Binged The Ranch on Netflix
Not highbrow by any means, but I liked it.

Sunday night is now my tv night
Call the Midwife
Killing Eve

and now I'm watching on a cool modern tv.

Baked some oatmeal cookies last night.

Oh yeah,  he's a runner and a thief.

Stay safe, stay home as much as possible
and stay well.



Jill said...

Isn't it CRAZY how light tvs are now compared to the beasts they were?? When we built our house we didn't want any kind of big screen tv and of course they were astronomically expensive then. So the space for the tv is in a cupboard and we will never have a big one because of that. Which is still fine by us.

I hope Walter calms down for you. Sounds like your health has perked up some as you are getting a lot done. Have a great week!

Tracey Broome said...

We bought a new TV and Roku bar last Christmas with money new from my mom. Our previous set up was six different surround sound speakers that looked ridiculous, but sounded good:) Wesley and I LOVE Killing Eve and I binge watched Mrs. Maisel, no one else here was into it, but I really liked it a lot. We have gone back to The Killing, watching it for a second time, but it is so good. We keep the TV off during the day and turn it on around7:30 to avoid watching news shows and numbing our minds. Doing art projects, working in the yard, cooking instead. I am not minding the stay at home thing, I have a good home to stay in!!

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Contrats on the new TV! Love your garden bed!! And dear Walter, what a glorious scruffy coat he has! Lucky pup. Jane is such a good egg, isn't she? I started watching Dead To Me, but it didn't grab me. Maybe I should try again? I've just completed the Outlander series which is now pending season 6 but on hiatus due to virus restraints. LOVE IT. Well, Love Jamie in particular.

Stay well!

diamondc said...

What a great gift, and Roku along with it.
Nice planter box, they are great and nice looking, plus you do not need to bend down to get the fruit of the vine.
Look at that really cute little guy, Krissy the dog says hello to that handsome guy.


ain't for city gals said...

Of all the things that closed due to the virus the library was I missed the most! I even ran out of books...good gosh. But our little library has now opened back up with "curbside pick up only". They bring the books you put on line and put them in your trunk. So there is hope!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha ha....I had to look twice at that last photo to see Walter eyeing up your cookie (maybe I was staring too hard at the cookie?? Nah...couldn't be, although they look delish). And, yes, you have some incredibly awesome kiddos. I got a text that said "Happy Mother's Day"...and it made me cry (in a good way...because he isn't big on any kind of celebrations). Looks like a good-size tv....ours is actually quite small...and not a "smart" tv so no Prime Video or Netflix, etc. I did win a sound bar (just an inexpensive one) at a fundraiser, but haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I guess I keep forgetting about it LOL. Happy Memorial Day weekend....and garden on! Robin

acorn hollow said...

We got a Roku tv a couple of years ago the best purchase! I just ordered a sound bar. My mom loved paint by numbers I haven't seen one in years.
Nice you have some fresh tomatoes this summer.
You cookies look very good I would dunk mine in tea.

amontanalife.blogspot.com said...

Sounds like you had a great Mom's Day! We love Roku! We've taken to watching old Cheers episodes. Enjoy your new toy! Kit