Thursday, October 24, 2019


Updates on the personal front.
Ben and Helene
 have set a May wedding date 

Ben just finished working on
the first season of 
Chasing the Cure for TNT.

Hannah and crew are making preparations to 
go to Amsterdam with their 
winning short for that festival.
If they place in the top 10 there,
 they go on to Cannes.

Tom is playing Goldstein in
 George Orwell's 1984 
adapted by Michael Gene Sullivan 
with Tim Robbins and 
The Actors Gang

Busy enough?
The holidays are going to be crazy
 as the kids are making pit stops here,
both before and after they head 
to Detroit  (DD and TOM)
and AZ ( DS and DD2)
Not sure yet if we will all be in
the house at the same time.

I hope so, for
2019 is likely to be the last Christmas in
the house where they grew up.
It will also be the easiest Holiday as I 
sold off about 75% of decorations.
My trusty go-to picks are still out there,
so never fear.

Howie back at vet today
progress, but not there yet.
I have a new cardiologist as of this Saturday.
Cross your fingers eh?


I managed to slide the hutch top 
( see yesterday's post) off and down
onto this cart easily enough
but now can't get it off the cart.
I need 2 more step down pieces
 to get close enough to floor.

Stay tuned...


another update:

I received a comment from a good and trusted blog friend
who thought perhaps I was altering my personality
by paring down so drastically.
 I appreciate such honesty and agree that
I am changing.

It's not just about moving
It's not just about selling the house
It is about very positive changes
that I think we all need to address.

Another friend wanted a close up

Again stay tuned


Unknown said...

That painting! An original no less...what a treasure!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Lana emailed this to me and I promised I would post for her

Suzan~ I am keeping this short tonight because I’m not sure it will go through. I can’t find my workable password to post on your blog site, so here goes, quickly! 😉
I still read your stuff!
I’m THRILLED for your kiddos!
I’m thrilled for YOU and so proud of you for all the tremendous work you have done in simplifying your life! Yippee ki yay!!!
I will find my password do I can once again comment on your pages. Wishing you EVERYTHING good. You and Howie! Take care.
From Oklahoma (where the politics is as crazy-stupid as ever!) Lana. (Ozark Mamaw)