Sunday, October 20, 2019

Basket Washing Day

Anyone else give their baskets a good bath now and then?
I don't soak, I quickly, thoroughly spray, then wipe,
and set to dry where they will dry 
completely and quickly without heat.

I took a basket weaving class early 90's
from a wonderful instructor 
and like most things I take on,
I quickly became obsessed and the baskets
were rapidly breeding. 

Several moms from the same elementary school
my kids attended also took the classes
and we then went on to meet and weave once a week. 

I've kept a few I made like these, and 
another apple harvest one that I painted white
and several smaller ones. 
I also have two very old ones made a very long 
time ago by talented craftsmen that I treasure.

So why today did I begin washing baskets?
Because furniture is on the move 
around oldgreymare.
Yep, it is time for several minor, 
and a few major shakeups.

Stay tuned



Blondie's Journal said...

Please let me know how you clean baskets. I have a beautiful basket I keep on display in my kitchen and it has accumulated a ton of grease. I want to put it to use.

Hope all is going well, Z.


susan hemann said...

I wash my baskets too. I was told by a weaver that it is good for them

Constance said...

Yes, I do give my old baskets a good cleaning once a year. I brush them with a soft paint brush to remove loose dust and then pray them with a light spray to remove anything stubborn. Then I let them dry. I'm obsessed with antique baskets and loved reading your post.

Take care,

Kit said...

I'm intrigued by your furniture Your baskets are lovely. I don't decorate with baskets much, but I do have one under my coffee table that I should wash. It has been awhile, thanks for the prompt. 😊 Kit

Unknown said...

Those are just beautiful baskets! My son and his girlfriend went to a basket weaving class and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if he'll make more or not but he's like me, likes the process and the learning.