Saturday, September 21, 2019

Our Children Are Our Future

I mentioned a few posts back
that the kids were very busy and doing fine.
A little brag fest for my journal:

 Thursday night Hannah and her friend 
Zach flew up to Portland 
for the 48 hour film project festival.
They had entered their short film in the project 
and had made it to
the final round.

Bare bones explanation:
It is what it sounds like
You and your team have 48 non stop hours
 to make a short film start to finish.

This is the text I got from her
piece by piece

Mom-Having fun ?


So far so good. Won best actor and actress.

Best cinematography too for a tie 

Best production design 

Best writing 

Best editing 

Best direction 


Now the film enters International in Amsterdam next year.

 has been working 
on Chasing the Cure the new TNT series
with Ann Curry.

If you know anything about the show
 it is indeed very ironic,
as I am still "diagnosis free" so to speak.

Helene, Ben's fiancee
 is working countless
hours on the homeless and housing issues 
in LA which are in crisis, as they are
in many major cities.

works a full time day job and
 most nights and weekends
is either in rehearsal or in a current play
with The Actor's Gang, Tim Robbins group
in Culver City. 

They are very busy, productive and happy.
I am so proud of these four young folk.
They bode well for our future.
Only a couple weeks till I see three of them
coming to help with sale.
Tom has a play, so we'll miss him.

The sale has taken on nightmarish
proportions. If I remember, I will try 
to get a snap of the roll out before we open.

Aren't we all incredibly proud 
of all these young people taking a stand 
today for climate change.
Dear heaven, if the "powers" would only listen..

Pretty weekend to you all. 



Karen said...

I am extremely heartened by all the young people standing up right now for our World, AMEN! There is indeed hope.

Congrats to mom and children for such outstanding accomplishments. Lives well lived!

Good luck with that sale! - If it were online I'd help you out.

Unknown said...

Wonderful to see your kids doing so well. I know the feeling and it's pretty awesome. Fingers crossed the sale goes well. Over here we are starting to work on a plan to change things by next summer! Hugs!

Jill said...

Congratulations on all of it!! Exciting!

Kit said...

Such great kids!! And such pride. Just wonderful. 😊 Kit