Monday, September 9, 2019

It's Happening

Found this on pinterest
(no credit was given)

I fall into bed every morning, yep, morning
between 2-5am
exhausted, but then after strapping on
c-pap I cannot get to sleep.
But then I sleep in so it averages out.

So yes, I finally did get a c-pap.
The longest time used so far is 7 hours,
but that is deceiving as I am awakened
 multiple times during those hours.
But hey, I'm trying. 

I now have preliminary diagnosis
with both lung and heart issues.
The next round of Dr visits begins today
and will determine the next move.

Therefore the purge has reached epic proportions. 
Kids are coming in to help with large sale
the first weekend in OCT.

I have gone through the entire home,
 multiple times as I garner the will power
 to be ruthless during purging. 

Not knowing how much space I will
have to live in, or even what state NV or CA,
creates issues while trying to make decisions.

The area where I have struggled
is with studio supplies.
Will I ever use roving again?
How much fabric to keep?
I coveted those many army blankets I snagged
years ago but they take up so much space.

That is where many of you met me.
After the Where Women Create article 
and white wednesday studio tours.

I find myself growling often.
My pal Sue was over Saturday and sat in the 
heat in the garage with me and priced
 while I sorted and stacked.

she brought cookies

This was so easy peasy for me to do with clients;
 I couldn't figure out why I was moving
slowly and with more difficulty.

Then it was pointed out to me duh..
you're sick and you have no idea if you 
will have a 1 or 2 bedroom 
a garage, a yard, a patio....
Your clients knew where they would be.

so I have to prep in five stages

1. Everything I'm sure I don't need 
goes to charity now or sale.

2. Assume/pray I will have a second space for studio,
via addtl bedroom or garage and select
 only those studio items and furniture
 for said space to fit into 10x10 area.

3. Once new space and financials are determined
jettison any remaining furniture via social media.
Stop worrying where kids will sleep if they visit me here.
They aren't worried- "whatever Mom"
(that's a tough one for me)

4. List home after 26 years for sale in early spring.
That's a toughie- love this house

5. Be thankful I have any kind of home and 
belongings as so many do not.

It's happening

Health issues
Financial finagling
Downsizing big time

I'm rolling down hill, picking up speed

It's happening. 


Terra said...

So true for me too about falling asleep on the sofa, often while watching a favorite TV mystery. Fascinating shows like Midsomer Murders or New Tricks but still I doze off sometimes. You are doing good to power on ahead with your purging of possessions and your plans for moving.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh, Z.... So very sorry to read of this turn of events. All of the pieces are worrisome and troublesome but, by far of course, are the health issues. Wish I could give you a big hug...not that it would help fix anything, but still. And your kids are so right...”whatever” do what kids do best....adapt. I am glad you can see the silver lining in those clouds. ~Robin~

donna baker said...

I hate to hear it is all happening whether you like it or not. It happens to the best of us (you and me). I need to be grateful for each day. You've always been so energetic and I've turned into a slug. I plan on morning walks as soon as it cools down. Lots of love and hugs. It is never easy. I'll be thinking about you dear.

Blondie's Journal said...

You have a lot on your plate, Z, and the health issues are really worrisome. The good thing is you are breaking everything down into increments and that makes it easier to be/feel in control. Sending positive vibes.

I have a question: Are your army blankets that rough green wool? My dad had a few that he stored in the garage and for some dumb reason I'd scrunch one in the corner and read my books when I was about ten years old. Those memories are golden. If you have what I'm talking about, what do your use them for?



Sandra said...

I just did it in July, downsizing and selling my house. It started lasst summer when my husband of over 50 years passed away suddenly. We had already talked about moving to a smaller house, one story with a little yard. It took a lot of effort to go from over 4,000 sf to less than 2,000 sf, but it is a relief to have it done. Yes, I had to part with some good stuff, but I was able to keep so many beautiful pieces and lots of memories. I'm in a good place now and my children helped me in so many ways, most importantly they supported my decision and embraced my new home. Good luck. You can do this and let your friends and family help. This will really ease your stress and help them, too.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dear friend, these are the hard days. I know that health issues make decisions for us. They have for my Mom and now are starting to for me. I can only take care of my Mom's needs for so long as my own health declines. Keeping you in my thoughts as you go through this downsizing and facing an uncertain future. Hugs!

Jill said...

I'm so sorry all of this is happening at once for you. I sure hope the medical team comes up with a plan of treatment to get you some relief. There will be good things that will come of all of it.

Kit said...

You're certainly dealing with a lot my friend. I am glad your kids are able to help. It seems so daunting, but it will all work out. I just know it will. Love ya, Kit

Karen said...

Not an easy row to hoe... but.. you're doing it. One foot in front of the other, that's all you have to do at any given moment. I know the house is a great love for you, but I also feel being closer to family and with less burden will lighten the load, and that's definitely what you need. So glad you have good friends nearby -