Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gosh Guys

Gosh guys is all I can say

Went for MRI on Friday
Lay down and got all strapped in, preparing for dye;
and I started to cough as usual when I lie flat.
It's a mucus thing, lord I hate that word!

I'm inside the bleepin' tube and start to choke
and I call out a very garbled 
"puel meee out!
He does, and sees I'm struggling to 
clear my throat,
rapidly undoes the strapping and helps me sit up
and I cough out a glob,
and proceed to cough off and on 
and spit for 
the next five minutes.
Lovely tech guys says
"This is not going to work."  

So my appt I waited three weeks for,
 as they screwed up the referral, ends with 
no answers and I still have this nodule.

E-visited my primary Dr. on Friday
What next?


Gosh guys, I'm at my wits end.

Darling daughter sent me
a St Raphael medal for Mothers Day.
I hold it every day, and I'm neither catholic or
believe in organized religion. 
I am however spiritual.

Dearest son and daughter to be, came
 for a weekend visit 2 weeks ago and helped me
 with so many chores and we talked CA move.

Darling daughter arrives this weekend
with two childhood chums for 4 glorious days.

I am one lucky Mom
in the kid category.

In the "health" category -
In the "our country is in real trouble"category-

Gosh Guys


my only consolation
Sunday nights trifecta of

 Killing Eve 
Game of Thrones 
Call the Midwife 

oh, and tomato pie


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z .... that's awful ....hope you can sort the MRI somehow so that they can see what you treatment you might need.
Your children are stars and lovely for you that they visit pretty often I think.
Wishing you well and sending love. XXXX

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That must have been a scary feeling. Oh my. I'm finally feeling better and have been taking steps to make my home 'cleaner'. Air filters, new vacuum and my friend sent me a personal air filter to wear when I go to the Dr's or other illness prone places. The asthma seems better. So glad you have your children who bring you Joy. My daughter and her new spouse will be here next week. She turns 40 on Wed and I can't believe I'm a Mom to a 40 year old!! I can't wait to see them! Grands just finished school and have some camps while Mom finishes work this week. Then some summer fun and back to school in August. It looks like a busy summer here. Sending you hugs and wishes for some answers my friend.

Kit said...

Yikes! That must have been a horrible feeling. You need an MRI that takes it with you standing up. Do they make one like that? Your kids are so great! But I'll pass on that tomato pi Hugs, Kit

TheCrankyCrow said...

Gosh Z. So not good...but you already know that. Yeah, that mucus thing.... I’ve had sinus issues ever since I broke my nose 30+ years ago....and I’s gross and so is its name LOL. Hope they can figure something else out. You are, indeed, blessed in the kid department. Hope you enjoy your time this weekend. {{{HUGS}}} ~Robin~

Blondie's Journal said...

Scary and disappointing. Does you doctor have any other ideas? Have you ever had a breathing treatment in the hospital? I have asthma and it always rears it's ugly head no matter what I'm hospitalized for, so I get the treatments every 4-6 hours. After the treatment I cough up tons of stuff and breathe clear. Perhaps that could be a starting point before the MRI?

I know how happy you are when your kids visit. What are your thoughts on moving to Cali?

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Jill said...

St Raphael, pray for Suzan...pray for her healing and for her peace.

I'm sorry to hear you are still without answers. I hope this means that there is nothing to worry about. Nodule-wise. I know your lungs are still an issue.

Unknown said...

I have never left a comment but want to share with you that just this week I found open MRI that you stand upright or sit in a chair. My husband is claustrophobic and has always had to be sedated for his MRI but did great with the new sitting upright one this week. Google upright MRI in your area. They also took are insurance. Hope that helps. Mary Hanson