Friday, November 10, 2017

My Favorite Things #2

This old tote has been used in more ways
 and more places than I can remember.
Up until a few minutes ago it held a bunch of 
dried materials in a small display.

This is five minutes of effort,
  which entailed me shoving all the dried pods
 into ziplocks,
and then plunking these greens down into the tote.
One of my House of Hatten figures peeks 
out from the far side.

So far I've invested 10 minutes total.
BTW the ziplocks go in the box where the greens 
came from so I can easily plunk them right back into 
the tote post holiday.

Of course all of this is made uber 
easy with my box system in the garage. 

I don't have to dig through dozens of
 mixed bins and boxes of holiday decor. 
A printer's box or a single bin
holding decor for a specific area,
or specific greens,
comes into the house
and then goes right back out in it's place.
no muss no fuss

Totes- one of my favorite things


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I wish I had the room or a garage to put shelves and totes like this. I've reduced the number of my seasonal and decorating items but I still have a lot of totes.

bayrayschild said...

I'm a BIG fan of organization!


Kit said...

I love your system! I don't have matching totes but I must say I have labeled boxes with all my decor and it makes it so easy to swap out my decor each season. Your display is so pretty. And how I want your matching totes too! :) Kit

Sandra said...

I want to get organized, too. It is fun to recognize the changing of seasons or a special occasion, but you need to have a system. I had one and I was helped into not having one by someone with good intentions. Now I need to tear everything apart and start again. Of course, there will be purging along with the organizing. I have a closet dedicated to décor and I will work within those dimensions.

susan hemann said...

wow, how organized you are! I would hate to show you my garage shelves lol, beautiful arrangement

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Z ..... you are SO organised. You are so clever .... you do such beautiful things. XXXX