Sunday, November 19, 2017

Favorite Things #3

This Bowl

Spring /Summer



I spent another 5 minutes
removing the fall foliage
 and putting it into the tub 
that contained the other seasons.
Then very unceremoniously plunked
winter in. I see I need to adjust a hanging pine cone.
I truly do mean plunk, and it seems 
to all come out OK in the end. 
If you look closely you can see that spring/summer
 shares a lot of the same foliage as the autumn.
That switch is even easier.

The burlap bags for the chair backs
 are stored as is, and 
so are the cones for the hutch.
These are not used every year,
but are ready to go when I do a burlap
black and cream plaid living room,
as I am for 2017.

I have a box marked mixed greens,
so I headed to the porch and 

Think I'll add a ribbon here later.

The stars and vintage ornaments
were in 1 of a box of 2 marked "Misc Christmas".
I can just open those two small boxes
 and pull accent pieces to add to greens as I go along.

So let's see - bowl switch, and removing
bags/cones from bin
 and hanging them in Dining Room, then 
more plunking on porch maybe another 20 minutes?
So currently at 30 minutes total.
How am I doing?



donna baker said...

It looks so pretty. I've done nothing yet, but buy a few presents for all the grandkids.

Kit said...

You are doing super stupendous! I love the look. I am so over the top green and red and I love it, but I love your color pallet too. It works so well with your home. :) Kit

Blondie's Journal said...

Everything looks beautiful, Z! If I only had half your talent!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is looking great! I won't start until I get home from my trip.

Karen Ann said...

You are so talented - just love your touches everywhere...

Dena said...

I really like your table and chairs. Could I ask the mfg. name.