Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Everything Old Is New Again

Began thinking about the holidays coming up
 and in that spirit I set
the family room back to the way
 I had it for years, 
with a small table smack in the middle
 and chairs in the corners
 to accommodate extra bodies.

(that largest bread board was in sale this weekend, no one bought
and look it's perfect here in new arrangement! kismet)

It worked well then, and will again.
This small table under the window 
can hold my real tree
 again like last year.

When you catch yourself standing in
the corner with a smile on your face, 
you know it's right.

I hung out with gal pals at a garage sale 
cross town on Saturday.
Came home with two less tubs of stuff.
Some of you who I "council" via email,
keep at it, bit by bit like I am - you'll get there.

I also DRASTICALLY  opened up
the den/computer room.
Removed carpet, large chair etc.
Placed larger table in here for desk, much better!
Breath of fresh air. 
LOVE it this way.
(btw not lifting anything, sliding all across floor)

(Howie says who dat?)

It's funny how folks are dismayed by my
obsession with less. 
But I have a plan and goals to reach,
and it has only been exacerbated by the
lunacy/treachery of 45.

 Didn't feel like packing up my trees
 and then unpacking in a month, 
so I left them sitting here on the left wall of the den.

it's good


Brenda Pruitt said...

Not sure if I'll put up a little tree this year. Have to wait and see how I feel I guess. I have always loved a table and chairs in the middle of the living space! I agree with you and what's going on in this country with the man who is a malignant narcissist.

donna baker said...

Good God, you are a whirlwind. Blow some energy this way.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good for you on selling some things and the rearranging. I get inspired when I move things around and get a fresh perspective. You will be proud, no thrift shopping in several weeks. I have 4 boxes of items to drop off and I'm downsizing collections again. At some point I'll get rid of even more. It's just a slow process. As always thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...


Debbie said...

Love this!