Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Come Saturday Morning" Or 2:00 am Upchuck

2 a.m. Saturday
and for a change I am actually asleep.
Yesterday I fell asleep at 6 am this morning.
(follow that?)
Anyway I come slightly awake to the bed moving
 and a strange sound. 
I assume it is Howie dreaming, and drift back off.
After a bit he jumps down off the bed. 
A little later he jumps back up and comes very close to my 
face, and climbs onto my head,
and I awake knowing something is wrong. 

Turn on the light 
He has been sick all over my bed.
My best linen bedding.
My favorite of all time bedding.
Down through three layers to mattress cover.
Then proceeded to throw up in five more places
around the room.

SO I have been spraying and cleaning
and running the washing machine with fingers crossed
that my linens come out OK.
2:10 now
I LOVE these sheets.
My carpet will be a work in progress for tomorrow too.

Supposed to be at friend's garage sale tomorrow morning.
Wonder when I'll get back to sleep, if...

Hannah once threw up all down my back when 
she was a wee thing.
Ben pooped all over my lap. Twice
What we do for the ones we love.

See? thank heaven my knees are a little better 
or what would I have done?

Anyone else remember the 
Come Saturday Morning song?

"...and we will remember long after Saturday's gone"
Yep, bet I will.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've had both throw up and poop on me from my babies and also when Charlie Kitty was so sick all over the bed. It's life and yes what we do for those we love! Hope all comes clean.

donna baker said...

Used to love that song, but not the dogs throwing up, peeing or pooping in bed. I sleep in linen sheets every night as they are my favorite too. They just have to be the right color is all I need. What color are yours?

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Z .... wishing Howie better and hoping that your sheets and carpet survive !!! XXXX

Kit said...

Oh my! Sounds like my old cat. He leaves little presents for us on the floor, in the dark. Ewwwww. Hope the linens came out okay. Thank heavens I have hard wood floors. :) Kit