Friday, October 13, 2017

Butt Face and Small Things

What appears to be a mound of pillows 
for Howie's repose is actually my hip bone
 as I was lying on the couch
day after day, 5 weeks, unable to do anything.
Butt right in my face, snores included.

After 5 weeks of major discomfort
and multiple tests their conclusion so far?
I have severe inflammation in my body.
They don't know the source.

After weeks of messages, 
 I eventually reached a kind hearted 
Nurse Practitioner Tuesday who
got a Dr to order some anti-inflammatories that
I was allowed to take with my new BP meds.
(It might have been my quiet weeping that did it.)
I have never taken meds except for the rare antibiotic
so I'm having to adjust to the new reality.
After 4 weeks of being unable to walk even a few feet,
I am having pain free hours and 
sleeping longer than 3 hours.

I am so grateful.
Still have a long path to figure it all out,
but in the big life scheme I am blessed.

Ben has learned to make fresh pasta,
and sends me proof.
The holidays will have some 
fresh culinary ideas I'm sure.
Cannot wait till they're home.

Visiting a friend this weekend during her community
garage sale. I will be in repose myself just observing
for a change and visiting with a couple pals.

Our weather has turned.
I'm giving myself one more week of healing,
and then I'll be out back trying to rescue 
the mess that has developed, and I'll be back in
the studio, pedal to the metal sewing. Huzzah!

My world is small.

Good things come in small packages.


donna baker said...

Aye yay yay. I don't have my glasses on so I hope you can read this. Pain ruins nearly everything. I've been on the couch too for a week with a herniated disc. Can hardly get up or down. I just can't lift heavy things anymore, including my baby grands. Can't get appt. to doctor till the 23rd. Can't stand not getting things done and it weighs heavily on me about the future. My new truck that I spent as much as a house on broke down on me. It is like driving a damn computer. My sister, who loves me most in this world, has a mass on her kidney, so it has not been a good week. Glad you are looking up. I need to do the same.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I didn't realize you were having health issues. Hoping you start to feel better soon. I completely understand as I've got some pain that the Dr is trying to track down the cause. Mine comes and goes though so that's a help. Gloomy day here so it's perfect to wrap up some more stuff to take to the thrift shop. I'm trying really hard to downsize a bit more.

Karen Ann said...

I had no idea you were struggling so... could it be fibromyalgia? Which I have been diagnosed with.. and tests all come out normal. There is no great explanation other than the brain sending inappropriate and way too many pain messages out to your body. It's pretty awful.

Amy B said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better but sorry the diagnosis was so vague. Good things do come in small packages. Enjoy using the market bags I purchased every day. - Amy Bauer