Saturday, August 12, 2017

Best Bags Are Back

Spent Thursday and Friday in the studio
 and I'll be up there all day today. 
Finally got the urge back
 to sew up some of my 
"Best Bags".

I've made and sold a lot of these puppies,
till I burned out on them.
Every time I use them at a store I get asked about them,
and I use them constantly.

Enough time has passed
that the joy of sewing them finally returned.
My only issue is my stash of home dec
is dwindling down and my go to store
went out of business.
It may be hard to find great fabric 
at a great price like before, and each bag is 
lined/reversible and the handles are triple folded
so I go through the fabric quickly.

Here is one that I use. These Bags hold A LOT!

Back to the studio I go!
Perhaps I'll just sew till there is no more home dec
and then start on something else.

Hot and Humid here
Hurry Fall Hurry


donna baker said...

I am somewhat of a bag hoarder. Doesn't matter if a Trader Joe's plastic or beautiful fabric. Love yours. And the crazy thing is, I always forget to take them to the store.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your best bags! Are you going to sell them? Enjoy the sewing!

Sandra said...

So nice to see you back in the studio. I love it when the creative energy hits. I can put in a lot of hours on a project when I'm feeling inspired. If the artistic enthusiasm isn't there then it's no fun....feels more like work.

Kit said...

They are so classy and nice looking. You sound like you are having fun. :) Kit

Bonnie Schulte said...

Your bags are gorgeous. No wonder other people ask about it when you are at the store. Would be great to take to the flea market. I bet I could fill it up with lots of little treasures...while showing it off...

Donna said...

Your bags are beautiful. If you are selling any, would you please let me know. Have a great Sunday!


Sherri said...

Those bags are wonderful!! I love the fabric you used!

Blondie's Journal said...

They are beautiful and useful. Where do you sell them?


Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Great bags! You just inspired me not to send out a stack of useless fabric. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. :-)

susan hemann said...

lovely bags!

susan hemann said...

where do you sell your bags?