Monday, August 14, 2017

Best and Horrible

I'm getting lots of emails
and questions about 
Z's Best Bags
So here are a few Horrible pics.
I snapped these very quickly for 
pal Annie last weekend
as she wanted to see a few.
There are more, many more, coming.
So what you see here is the 
main part of the bag and the gusset.
Most have a different fabric 
lining like this first one.
This red is the one Annie chose,
and she already has several.
She loves these so much she carries my cards 
with her so she can hand out 
when folks comment on her bags.
(she's also my best cheerleader)
I will take more, better photos, but right now
 I'm headed to 
a celebratory lunch with pal Sue 
who has officially retired from teaching today.
(of course she could not resist 
going over to help direct traffic this am,
because she is sweet like that ) 

This looks like I shot it from the roof. hehe
This is from a corner of the studio, I set therm on the half wall.
The living room is almost 3 stories high.

Please leave questions in comments or use this email.


donna baker said...

Love those fabrics and style.

Amy B said...

Are these for sale on line anywhere?

Jill said...

I think that one fabric with the flowers that have the wine coloring is the same as the curtains I had in our bedroom. I sewed them years ago. I know it's in the basement...somewhere. The bags look great.

primdollie said...

I love your blog and love these bags!! Are you selling them?? How big are they?? Can you tell me how much please?? Thanks so much! Big Hugs Linda