Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nine Years - Holy Moly

Today it's been nine years
since I began the blog.
I was totally clueless about blogging back then,
but anxious to journal my life a little.

I zipped back through that year 
on the blog last night
and whew 9 years changes a lot.

I was teaching fairly often back then,
holding all day events "Gatherings" in my home.
I was still doing an annual Holiday show.
I read A LOT
I was hoping to move to TN.
I was "over-decorating" for holidays,
and my home in general.
I was doing a monthly column for a local
magazine and sewing and crafting all the time.
Ben was living in Portland 
and Hannah had just decided to attend NYU.

2017 - nine years later is OK
Not in our government surely, and the world
is a gigantic mess but
the kids are well and happy and both in CA,
and my days here are peaceful and calm.
I read EVEN more.

My home is a lot lighter in appearance,
 in what I have stored, and for the holidays.
I never got to TN, and years later 
I know it was never really right for me. I've
accepted I may never get out of here
but that's alright also.
It is what it is,
and I am so grateful for the blessings 
I do have.

I am not walking this path with folks I 
thought back in 08 would always be around,
but the ones that are,
are very special, and newer ones
are just as dear.

We change - we grow.
The only constant is my devotion to 
my family and friends and 
oh yeah, I'm still in the studio.
Still sewing
 Made these sets today.

They have some fun linings too

Thank you to all the gals ordering bags,
and to locals who stop by and shop.
I'm saving up for a CA trip to see kiddos.
All the remaining orders as of last night
will ship out tomorrow or Monday.

To all of you who have hung around here
these 9 years, a huge thank you.
I love you guys.

9 years ago in December we had this:


I could do that again,

(Oh and I just got rid of that car after 14 years)
It takes me awhile to make some changes


Linda @ A La Carte said...

WOW! Nine years. I'm not sure when I found your blog but I've loved following you for years now. I know how much my life has changed since I started blogging. I'm a Grandma of two, have my Mom next door and a lot to be grateful for but a lot of loses also. It's this thing called LIFE! Thanks for sharing yours.

Jill said...

Congratulations on nine years! Hmmm...I should go look to see how long I've been at it.

Kit said...

Congrats on all your years blogging. Amazing isn't it? I went back the other day and read my blog from the onset and was amazed at all the different things I used to do. I still do things, just different ones. Good luck with your bags! They are so nice. :) Kit

Mugwump Woolies said...

Bravo, Z! So happy your kids are so much closer to you these days. Always enjoy stopping by to see what you are up to.
Take good care,

Sandra said...

Your BEST BAGS are so style. You have a great eye for putting together colors and patterns. It is a talent for sure, not to mention the design and fabrication. I am so impressed.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Congrats on this blogging milestone! I notice not many of us are around anymore.

Studio Maywyn said...

Happy 9 Year Blog Anniversary!
Your post is a nice way of looking back. The bags are lovely.