Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hard Work Rewards

The kiddo's apartment interior is adorable but I think my 
girl chose this place because of 
this outdoor space by her back kitchen door. 
No one else in the house walks or uses 
this area so they decided to take on the project 
and make an extended living area for themselves.
My girl had a vision, like her mama does.
The apple landed on her head not just close to the tree.

This is how it looked when I went down 
a couple weeks ago. They had moved in about a month prior.
My car was filled with vintage ladders, pots, rakes, 
soil, shovels and a blower. It was to be a working trip.
Those two dug and leveled and cleaned 
and worked their A's off. I washed walls, cleared ivy, planted
and reorganized all the cupboards inside.
I got permission first, I didn't just commando re-do.

I split the paver cost with them but the rest 
they did on a very modest budget.
My girl dragged the table home after
finding it on the street. The chairs Ben 
discovered for them at 13.00 each.
I provided an umbrella stand that I had extra 
from home, and Hannah just snagged the umbrella
on July 4th clearance.

They still have that small section to
 finish with turf in front of the fence. 
There are industrial edison bulb lights,
(extras from mom) and they plan to hang pots
 and more lights from the clothesline posts.
 (there are two, I cropped one out)

They sent me this yesterday as they 
completed the turf on the 
right side. Dirty knees and hands 
and so pleased with themselves.

Just out of site is an enormous tree,
providing all this pretty dappled light.
In early afternoon I would sit out there
and watch the many squirrels leaping through
the branches and pelting me with debris.

I loved it, but my son thought I was crazy to be so
happy to see squirrels. I grew up with squirrels
and found them frustrating as they ravaged my feeders in PA;
but after 30 plus years in the desert,
 I am enamored of their antics.
One last look.
Yay Tom and Hannah!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

WOW!! I love it. What a great makeover! Imagination runs in your family for sure! What a special little space. Great job to all!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Like mother like daughter! A born gardener and decorator, looks great!

Kit said...

What an incredible make-over! I love how all the colors match and work together. It is amazing how just some hard work can transform a space. Good job! Kit

Karen Ann said...

What a transformation!! Fabulous job - what a neat space to relax outdoors in.

Jill said...

A little plant life is powerful decor!! And of course some colored chairs and tablecloth... This is quite a transformation!