Sunday, August 14, 2016

ADELE - I Adore You

Words cannot express
the hours spent overwhelmed 
with emotion and joy
at the Adele concert 
last Tuesday evening at the Staples Center.

Her voice is still on a constant loop 
through my mind, six days later.

DD had given me the concert as a Christmas present
and it will go down as a lifetime memory. I could
swoon and attempt to describe but let me just say this.
IF you EVER have the chance to go to an Adele concert...
It means waiting on phone line for over 3 hours, and 
every date is sold out in hours but it is 
worth it so GO!

Adele is gorgeous, chatty, funny and 
remarkably down to earth.
Her voice vibrated up through 
the floor and surrounded us. 
She had me and everyone
else surrounding me, 
all 18,000 of us, in tears.

I drove down to CA early Monday morning,
after teaching a class on Sunday. 
My first time teaching outside my home 
in over a decade.

Some of the girls and just one of their projects.
The 10 women were all lovely and put me at ease 
and I'm excited to do another class soon at 
the brand new store on Eastern,

This CA trip I took
Howie, who had never been in another home before, 
let alone on an over four hour car trip. 
He was fabulous.
He adapted to the lack of a doggie door and trooped
up and down flights of stairs all day long,
 and sat patiently in outdoor restaurants.
He loved it, and was a hit everywhere we went.
Elevators were a bit scary and after a couple rides,
he just started planting his rump down
 and refusing to go.

It felt like we ate our way 
through Culver City, a bit of Beverly Hills, 
and each meal and setting
was wonderful, and outdoors!
Check out this succulent wall
in a restaurant on Wilshire down from DS's office.
The first dinner out they had me downing margaritas
and shooting mescal. I had such a buzz so quickly,
I could tell the kids were getting a kick out of tipsy Mama.

All gushing aside,
it was such a wonderful trip and late each evening we 
hung out at DD's and drank wine and nibbled some more
and talked and talked and talked.
Those kids of mine are incredible.
I am so proud of them.
Both of them have films in a festival this week.

Think I could live here in this studio?
It's across the street from DD's.
it's nearly 3,000 a month.
I know I could live IN it,
but I couldn't live WITH it at that price.
We looked at several places but I would need
to live farther out to afford anything.

I really did enjoy staying in DD's 400 sq feet studio.
Coming home only reinforced for me the excess of
space I have and "things" that I have.
So local gals I feel another major purge 
stirring, so stay tuned.

Laundry and such await me.
This week my brother will be coming 
with a gaggle of his friends.
One of them had comps to a time share,
thus the trip.
I have not seen Scott in 10 years.
I have not lived near him since I was 21.
My two kids are
so close and such good friends,
and share their lives.
I envy that.

Have a great confetti filled week.



Blondie's Journal said...

I'd pass out if I could see Adele! She is something. I've loved her even before 19 So happy YOU are happy. YES!


Tracey Broome said...

you sound so GOOD!
I have a girl crush on Adele, her first album was a soundtrack to my pottery making days, the most recent one a soundtrack to my moving days.
My daughter is moving out of her place in Gureneville at the end of September.... $1200 a month, tiny little place, duplex house on the Russian River, but they hear the boyfriend and girlfriend next door wake up fighting every morning, haha!
You sound like a new journey awaits, carpe diem, my friend!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Adele is amazing! Lucky you to see her live!

Kit said...

Yay! For your wonderful concert and visit with the kids. You sound so happy and a little tipsy....LOL Good to let go now and again. :) My kids love drunk Mom too....LOL I am purging right now, finally taking care of all the excess in the basement. :) Feels good! Have a great week! Kit

Kathy said...

What an amazing trip. You are blessed to have them so close. You can make a LOT of drives for the price of a place in the city!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Now that is Christmas gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime.... I love Adele and can only dream of seeing her lol. You sound happy and fulfilled...and that brings a smile to my face. But, eek...nope...couldn't do the studio any price.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Maywyn said...

Great to read you had such a wonderful time!
Yes to the studio...a place that small means there's less to fall on me in an earthquake. :)