Saturday, July 30, 2016

Keep Your Damn Parade Macy's

At times I am terrible at picking up my mail,
especially when it's 112 outside 
 and when I finally do
(at 1 am in my pj's last night)
I remember why.

(stay with me to the end folks)

Because it often ticks me off.
I received a bill yesterday from Macy's for $2
Three months ago I ordered some 
products on line and had a balance of 
95.00 and change. I paid the bill in full, and mailed it 
10 days in advance of the due date.
I received the next month's bill with a 
29.00 late fee (32%) plus a 2.00 balance fee.
I called and never even made it to a living being, 
just an automated voice saying 
"if you are calling about your late fee we will gladly
 remove it from your bill". 
I punched 0 several times until I got a human and 
voiced my displeasure at the policy 
and that I appreciated the removal. 
I was informed I needed to leave 10-14 days
 for processing and that it had been
 "processed 1 day after the due date". 
I said my job was to get it
there on time, it was their job to process
it on time... and I may have commented 
on the lovely way for Macy's to add to their coffers.

Last month I receive a bill for 4.00.
$2 for minimum balance charge of the month before
and another $2 for the current month.
I paid it just to make it go away.
 I know better - I was just not up for an argument,
or I got lazy, or stupid.

Yesterday's bill was another $2 charge 
attached to a bill I paid in full 3 months ago.

NOW I WAS up for an argument.

I got a human,
after an automated voice said
"If you are calling about the $2 charge,
 we will gladly remove it.
I punched 000000000000 

Obviously so many folks call about these charges,
that they automate their answer.
The human I spoke with 
read off Macy's apology from a card.
I know this because she repeated the exact words
 verbatim 3 times at least.
She finished with "because you have a 0 balance there 
is nothing I can remove for you today."

If only half of their customers have 
noticed this sneaky little deal,
 and only half complain, that still leaves
a big bunch of $2 charges being tacked on willy nilly 
each month, especially after claiming we all need to mail
14 days in advance as if the USPS wasn't doing their job.
Pretty clever huh?

We need to pay close attention my friends:
I don't trust the fat dude behind the curtain.

If I hear one more person say
"I don't care about politics"
"I don't "do" politics"
"It's all so corrupt I wash my hands of it all"

I just may scream

No, I know what I'll do instead.

I'll have an automated voice at the ready
"we are sorry for the inconvenience" - 
"We will gladly 
remove all your civil rights, 
 remove your reproductive rights,
remove all attempts to save the planet, 
remove quality education
remove aid to the ill and the poor,
remove health care
remove people due to race and ethnicity
remove the fish from the oceans, the trees
from the forests, the oxygen from the FRICKIN' AIR

deep breath...

Not one of us can afford to be lazy or stupid right now.

Once you have a 0 balance, there 
is nothing more for them to remove.

Pretty floats and balloons cannot
disguise the seriousness of our times.

Keep your damn parade Macy's
I'm marching for a better cause.




Claudia said...

Amen. Love your thoughts here, as always. I'm right there with you.


Karen Ann said...

wow, how infuriating!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well said! I am voting and I know who I want to make sure I don't loose the rights I've fought so hard for. Enough said?

Jean Bee said...

Fabulous! Loved this post well said!

Kathy said...


lala said...

Great post!! I have also dealt with Macy's over billing and as a result I no longer use my Macy's card - which means I rarely shop their store and no more online. My political issue is with those who say they do not care for either candidate so they are not voting at all. It amazes me how much of our society are either sheep who follow the crowd, or are ostriches and stick their head in the stand.

marie said...

I agree with you 100%. We've had a difficult time with Costco to cancel their new Visa Card and our membership. Took 5 times, but still get their coupons in the mail. Their current customers are paying for all the mailing we are getting and don't belong to their club.

Tracey Broome said...

We just live in a society that exists to rip people off, I am truly coming to believe this! I went to Walmart yesterday to return a piece of crap garden hose and as I looked at my receipt I realized I had been charged twice for the garden nozzle I also bought. This is probably the third time I have caught Walmart double charging me for something. Once they charged me $47 for a pack of radishes! If it just weren't so damn convenient I would give it up, but lazy is how Im rolling these days when I now only have the weekends to get stuff done.....
Boycott Macy's and tell them why :)

Sharon said...

I completely understand your rant. I don't shop at Macy's often, but when I get a bill I use my credit union's online bill pay. No mail to deal with, it is electronic and I have the proof of payment.

I had a huge issue with my internet provider, Hughes Net, last summer. Their satellite was down so no customers had service. I could not get thru by phone. Then they had to nerve to tell me that because I didn't call them, I could not get a full refund. Plus, they told me that they had no physical address to write a letter to. Oh, and was a phone center in India...and his name was "Cory"...Hah!

Karmen Sunshine said...

Don't even get me started on AT&T. The problems I had with their "customer service" led me to serious anxiety every time I had to contact them. After they turned me over to collections because they "could not prove the work was not done," I finally paid the ransom of $158 to get my sanity back. :-(

I hope you are doing well other than dealing with the customer service crisis enveloping the world.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Damn Girl
tell it like it is LOL

Julie Madsen said...

Hi love your blog! Starve the bastards and cut up that credit card. We did this 10 years ago and are only cash/debit. We figured the best way to bring this predatory banking system down was to not give it our life energy.

Move to LA! Being close to your kids, especially with your wonderful relationship, will bring you oddles of joy, even if you have to live further out.

Keep up the righteous indignation, the brilliant blogging and I am so glad you made that bucket list Adele concert. It's on mind as well.