Sunday, November 16, 2014

Whizzing By

No, not Howie whizzing...


I am in great need of comfort food tonight 
so I whipped up this and will add some eggs,
and a cup of HOT HOT Coffee

I'm sure all of you post 50, remember sitting somewhere
with your elders and listening to their talk
of the time flying by and the poor condition 
of the youth of the times.
Maybe it was the front porch of a grandparents'
home or around the dining table as the "women folk" cleared
the table after a Holiday meal.

BUT it does fly by as we age.
but WHY?
Why does change speed up?
Are we racing to the inevitable finish line?

My summers pre teen went on forever.
There was camp, vacations and long,
 long summer days and nights of playing hide and seek
and playgrounds and tree climbing.

Graduation of DD was 18 months ago.
I started the blog right before she left right?
(6 + years ago!?)
DS just changed jobs in LA.
Didn't he just move there?
(Nearly 3 years ago!?)

Now 21 years after moving into this home
with a 3 and an 8 year old,
I am overhauling the exterior so it will be 
unrecognizable to some.
Just the removal of the big tree
has caused some to whizz on by in error.
All the vintage stuff scattered
on the front porch and around the yard
has been removed or reduced.
Thanks to pal Sue who "shopped" here yesterday
I know it found a good home.

Change is sometimes good, change is sometimes sad
change is sometimes rapid.
The only certainty IS change.
21 years ago when my husband and I bought
this home we felt that we now owned a mansion.
We walked through the newly framed structure
giddy with excitement and promise.
We had doubled our square footage for
 the same monthly payment. 

My world was certain and true and wonderful.
Those 21 years then whizzed by.
Wheelbarrows full of wonderful memories, 
buckets full of sad days,
and a gallon or two of despair,
have whizzed me right back to my front porch 
in the blink of an eye...
where I sit looking at the house as it is right now
and realizing that after Monday
it will be changed forever.

"It's just the way it changes 
like the shoreline and the sea
but let's not talk of love or chains
and things we can't untie
your eyes are soft with sorrow
Hey that's no way
to say goodbye."
 Leonard Cohen

Make it a good week chickadees



Tracey Broome said...

Starting when Wesley was in third grade, we moved six times in five years. We all got used to change. She is better for it. I saw an Instagram site of a girl Wes was very close too, who still lives in the same place we moved from the first time we moved her. It was a small rural town/school, and I'll just try to be kind and say that child has not "grown" a bit. I am glad for all of our change, I am going through lots of changes right now, and somehow it is easier, having had so much of it. My mom has lived the very same way for fifty five years, hair fixed on Friday and all that, it has not done her much good, she is so afraid of any little thing that disrupts her life.
Change is good, I hope it will be good for you!

Tracey Broome said...

Ps: I am making that potato dish tomorrow, it looks amazing, my mouth is literally watering looking at the photo!

moosecraft said...

I agree with Tracey... Change builds character... and since change is what we all have in common, we should learn to work with it (as early as possible)....

Kathy said...

I completely missed that you are remodeling. Do we get before and after and "the plan"?
Enjoyed the Leonard Cohen.

Jill said...

I remember my Dad saying to me when he was about 73 or so and we were talking about the time going by fast and he said, oh Jill, you have no begins to go so fast.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It does fly by doesn't it!! So many changes in my life but I'm still here and going with the flow. I love my family and without them I know life would be boring and sad. I'm blessed and I need to remember that when I feel stressed!

Karmen Sunshine said...

I'm glad to see you are still blogging away. I'm just getting ideas of quilting again, but I've cut off my internet so blogging will have to wait. Mom's in a bad way. She doesn't have long (non-alcoholic cirrhosis). My life is going VERY well.

The Boston Lady said...

I understand completely. Said the woman who moved to CA 2 years ago after living in FL for 35 years.....not a smooth transition, but it believe in hope! I have to, right? Ann

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

No kidding. Life was a blur raising kids and working and now I have trouble accepting the loss of loved ones, my kids living far away, not seeing my granddaughters... and wondering what to do with myself. Yet time is speeding by. You'd think it would crawl at this point in life. When you figure it all out, let us know, K?

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

LOVE this post. Have had lots going on here, and just realized that we were going to get together. Heading home (first time for Thanksgiving in 20+ years), but back soon. Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love - I have no doubt it will be. XOXO

Kit said...

Sounds hard. I have told my family, the only way I am leaving this house is in a box. Where ya going? Hang in there. Kit

Razmataz said...

What is happening on Monday? Did I miss something?