Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red Rage

Please explain to me how we can send something
like this 310 million miles, MILLION< I SAID
MILLION miles into space, ten bleepin' years ago,
and yesterday have it get to a pre-determined comet, 
hover there while they are both moving,
 and then drop for 7 hours down onto the comet,
 and attach itself
and start sending data back to earth,
as the comet makes it's way to it's destiny of
burning up in the sun.

we cannot end, or even reduce hunger,
stop wars,
reduce global warming,
or even listen to what 95% of all scientists now
agree is FACT about climate change,
throw all slimy lobbyists out of Washington,
get the Kardashians and their kind off the tube,
agree that great health care is a given, not a privilege,
really-really educate our/all kids well,
or pass a damn bill in our government?
If I started a list with all the bleepin' things
we could and should be doing, 
I would still be typing said list 10 years
from now and very little will have changed, 
and I would have imploded with my red rage.

Let's put all the ignorant, selfish, hateful, self serving people
on the next one going up and let them fry their ass
as they ride their special comet toward the sun.

so.... it's been a while since I had a rant-
don't mess with my ranting self,
I am savoring my anger..

while at the same time
marveling, no... awe struck that human beings
 are brilliant enough to do such a thing.
10 years!

1/2 the time it takes to launch a child
into happy productive adulthood.


Barbara said...

Amen! I'm with you!

Claudia said...

Amen! You said it.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well said my friend!

edie said...

Can you hear one more AMEN!!!!!

June said...

Amen sista!!! My thoughts exactly!!!!!
love you!

joanne said...

pathetic and shameful if you wanna know what I think. I LOVE it when you get fired up.

c. Joy said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! The future will come - eventually we won't be here, but still life goes on. Why are we not working to leave a legacy of a better world to all the children of the earth? Go ahead and rant! If more of us speak words of truth maybe we can change the world.

The Boston Lady said...

I would like you to bring back that bucket you used to have so we could dump stuff in it! And, yes, I agree with all you said! Ann

Nella Miller said...

Right, right and absolutely right, you are, my dear friend!

Alyce said...

Thank you!!!! Yes!!!

Tracey Broome said...

I HEAR YA! But who is hearing us? Our local senate race just voted in another crooked NC politician, many of whom are in jail now. We are already feeling the effects of his good old boy style in the state capital. Kinda makes me wish I could land on that comet and live in peace, haha!
As a friend of mine once pointed out, there are many many of us out there doing good to counter balance the fools, a little comfort at least.....

erin's art and gardens said...

i just love you.....
p.s. looks like my daughter and sil will be moving to vegas.

Bonnie Schulte said...

I do pray, each and every night (I am 75) that please, God ... HELP, us all....Please Hear us!!!!!!

Jillayne said...

Yup, I'm with you - totally daft, the reasoning and thinking. I remember when I was young, hearing elders say "I just can't think what this world is coming to" and now I hear those words rattling around my head all the time...this is such a beautiful thing, we have here, and we are so utterly clueless.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Oh thank you, Z. And thank you again.

How completely screwed up priorities are. And I doubt we can put the ignorant, selfish, hateful, self serving people on the next one going up. But we can contribute to food banks and organizations that feed the world. We can vote the idiots out of office. We can stop watching the mindless crap on T.V. and have a voice when the ratings fall (or toss the TV out - I don't miss mine at all). Use the word "NEGLIGENCE" when healthcare is not what it should be (boy, does that ever get things moving in the right direction). We can limit consumption and waste. We can TAKE BACK educating our children (boy oh boy do I ever admire women who home school their children). One person at a time can change things a little. WE THE PEOPLE can change things big time. Not by saying that something should be done, but by taking on what we can ourselves.