Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today I am giving you a gift..
(you're welcome)

of obsession

I want all of you to be obsessed about 
expanding your brain...
Reading and watching something a mite more
interesting and beneficial than
perhaps your usual fare.

I have become obsessed with this site
and start each day with a visit and a cup of Joe

I may see the most incredible animals from the Amazon,
 proof of horrible climate change or
the effects of gravity.

Each morning I excitedly click on my 
mailbox from them and I am transported
to the world and it's wonders.
Yes, there are some silly links
 but there should be humor in
your day as well and you decide what brain food
you need at the moment.

They send me an "amuse bouche"
of ideas and photos to select from and I am off
the charts, placing new ideas and photos into
my aging brain,
sparking synapsis to function and question
and expand.

I signed up for daily email,
and most days that is enough,
but when I have time to wander,
 I select from the vast archives
and explore.

Feed your brain, your soul, your sense of wonder.

There is always time to return to a friend's photo of
their latest meal on FB, or the latest 
wood pallet DIY on Pinterest,
or the latest celebrity pushing their "latest" 
on the tube.

My daily dose of Brain Food is completed
 before my coffee gets cold...

Now go feed your frontal, temporal
and parietal lobes

To local gals:
Ronda and I have been working on Holiday
stuff and will be up at Goat Feathers soon,
and in all the coming weeks,
filling up with 

Stop on in to see us...


the old white house said...

I'm gonna say hello and thank you and then head right to the site. I love BBC and can use a jump start on the noggin every day! love, t.xoxo

jinxxxygirl said...

Thank you for that. I forwarded it to my hubby at work to entice him to take a break and watch it. :) Hugs! deb

c. Joy said...

Don't they talk nice? Thanks for the tip - I could use a bit of mental exercise (election years are very draining). The feather and bowling ball were amazing, I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's lesson.

Tracey Broome said...

I have really been enjoying the twisted sifter site, great videos. The hummingbird man is what my husband is going to be like in about 20 more years, haha!
Also, loved the Halloween pics! Just catching up here:-)