Sunday, September 14, 2014

Splurges and Purges

Try to keep up
I'll be all over the place.

Took me over three weeks to decide to splurge on these
flax linen sheets.
I have wanted them for about 15 years.
That seems about right.

Putting them on the bed today led to me purging 
the linen shelf and then I wandered into my
closet and purged about 50 plus pieces of clothing.

After 21 years I am repainting the house.
Not so much a splurge as an "overdue".
I have an HOA and have to use approved colors.
Out of 31 schemes there is only one I can stand

Body: Heather (DEC773)
Trim & Garage Door: Navajo White (DEC772)
Accent & Pop-Outs: Shaggy Barked (DEC771)
Front Door (option): Center Ridge (DE6230)
Front Door (option): Swiss 
Coffee (DEW341)

I'm doing the door and shutters dark- the Center Ridge one.
So much drama with assoc, and estimates etc.
 oy vey

Will also be purging entire back yard as I have
 to move all the vintage stuff before painting anyway, so
seems the right time to do that and haul it up to the booth.

The baby ash tree that came with the house
21 years ago, is sick..... is dying.
All the other ash in the town are also sick 
with some kind of bore.

Every first day of school
my kids stood in front of that tree
to have their pictures taken.

Tree is 2 years old

Couple more years of growth

1st day of Ben's senior year with buddy Jake -12 years ago
tree is now double that

Removing it is breaking my heart,
but Monday is the day.
That tree has shaded my home from
 the harsh sun of lala land and I feel
guilty that I could not save it, 
though for three years I tried.
Damn, those front rooms will be
 scorching next summer.

OK so watch this gopher

I discovered, at the very ripe old age of 61,
 that I still cannot let a hand or foot dangle
 off the side of the bed for fear of....
what? a hand, a monster?
I tried for around 3 minutes last 
night and could not do it.
While pondering that childhood trauma, 
I recalled that I had to line up 
all my dolls and animals in my bed so that
no one would feel favored in any way
and with their heads above the covers so
 that they could breathe.
anyone else out there a comrad?

Now watch this
thanks to Jill Ruth

I am not techno stupid I use it-
 My life does not Revolve around it.
Look up at the world occasionally folks,
it's in trouble.

and my final 1 1/2 cents

Would everyone please stop 
making stupid people famous?
oy vey


Kit said...

You crack me up! Love you. Yes I am a comrade, I always have to use the pudding cups in the frig in the order they are on the shelf. If I skip and take the wrong one, I swear I hear it saying, "No fair! I was next!"...LOL Kit

Jill said...

Love the tree pics and I share your sorrow...a tree going down is sooo sad. Thanks for sharing the's so good, hopefully it will make some people think. Enjoy those sheets! I bought some new sheets for our guest room in the basement from Mistake. They are like sand paper. Now that money could have gone to good sheets. Live and learn.

Tracey Broome said...

I can't sleep with my arms out from under the covers. I used to have to sleep with a blanket that had a silk strip on the top edge, but they are hard to find now, it has to feel realllly silky! We all have our sleep thing don't we :-)
Love the paint color, Navajo white is always a winner, my interior walls are that color.
Yes poor ash trees, them and the chestnuts are disappearing.... Ugh, mankind will destroy everything before it's all over. I would like to just crawl in those beautiful sheets and never get up some days.....
Videos were great

joanne said...

if only.
sorry about your tree, we lost a huge maple a few years ago and it left quite the hole in our shady back yard.
purge, purge, purge, i need to get off of here so I can get to work on the coat closet. cool sheets.

Samantha Stephens said...

YES! All my dolls had to be treated equally. These days I get an uncomfortable feeling if I don't use a different tea cup every day to make sure they all get used. Good luck with the house painting - and may you sleep well and enjoy your sheets.

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

Oh, Z! Love reading what's on your mind. I used to be a freak about labels in the pantry until I watched Sleeping With the Enemy. Besides, now that I have helpers that like to re-arrange, I'd have to be committed if I let it bother me. Enjoy your fabulous pillows! xo

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Wow. Your mind is like a party in high gear, Z.

OK. LOVE the sheets. Also a lil wish of mine. On painting the house... great quiet colors. Sorry about the ash tree. So sad. The gopher cracked me up. A little too much pie last night? I can dangle my foot off the side of the bed, but wonder when I'll see Bigfoot or an alien looking in the window at night. I'm a stuffed animal/dollies comrad. Couldn't turn the sound up on the last one without blowing hubby out of bed, so I'll check it out later.

Party on.

June said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!Z...I have the same fear AND the same weirdness with my dolls, not so much the stuffed animals, but the dolls. Someday I will tell you all about it. Okay, maybe now :))) When I was little I wouldn't play with my dolls unless I could play with each one the equal amount of time lest I would hurt their feelings. Whenever I tell anyone this they give me THAT look. My kids get the biggest laugh over it. The fear about hanging my limbs off the bed..luckily they all have that fear too. Still do!
Loved the pics of your kids when little!
much love...

the old white house said...

same fear... I have to have a blanket/sheet even in the crazy hot summer, right up to my neck. no arms can be outside the protection of a thin piece of material! I've just caught up on many posts... DD's apt. is very sweet, she has done a great job making a home. That sale looks like a store! I hope that you were able to sell it all. I can't even imagine the fear that your friend went through when her husband left with the car. I'm glad that they were able to find him and I hope that their move brings her peace with their new life. Alzheimers is a terrible disease for everyone involved. I would love to see your new do. I had Danielle cut off quite a bit of mine when we went to visit her. She was more than happy to oblige since I really only ever wore it in a pony tail anyway. I've been cleaning/purging my workroom all day long (again) I am even more determined to get rid of many things. I no longer have the time to create with fabric, or the vintage treasures that I made assemblages with. If it isn't in the lavender line of products or something I can make jewelry with, I simply don't have the time or space to justify keeping it.
I'm sorry about your tree, we had to do the same to a few out back a couple of years ago and it made me sad, and we didn't watch them grow for many years, so I can only imagine how sad it made you.
and YES I wish that we would stop making stupid people famous.
I enjoyed my little visit here... miss you. t.xoxo

beth said...

can i ask about your sheets? as in where they are from ??

and i'm so sorry about your tree :(