Sunday, October 20, 2013

He Cooks - Mama Snoozes

Ben was in town shooting the premier event for 
"Last Vegas" opening soon.
Convenient premier here in town to come see Mom
Is it a photo bomb when it is about you?

Adventurous cook always
Always loves to cook for me and others
He has a lucky girlfriend and friends 
Always delicious
Chicken with red peppers onions and lemon 
steamed in parchment
Paired with pasta made with basil,
 avocado and lemon pesto ( missed pic)

Loved this wine we tried..
then I needed a nap

He also makes a mess when he cooks 
and he always cleans it up.

Dearest son heads back home today...
60 some days till he's back for holidays,
and baby sister will be here also...
ding ding a ling
ding ding a ling

Brenda in Canada I am still trying to reach you.
Your email is corrupted somehow.
Please contact me using a different email.


Kathy said...

Easy to see a fun time was had by all! Love all that counter space in your kitchen, oh my.

Terra said...

How fabulous to have such a talented son, those recipes sound delicious and the wine too.

The Boston Lady said...

I love a guy who cooks, then cleans it up afterwards! Congrats on his work with Last Vegas! And how nice that it worked out that you got a visit out of it. Ann

Tracey Broome said...

OMG, how cute is that boy?! Lucky girlfriend and lucky mom for the cooking talent, hey I have that same bowl in the background :-)

Kit said...

Oh how great to have your kid home AND he cooks! I am jealous! :) Kit

Robin Larkspur said...

That was certainly a shot in the arm for you to have your son pop in, and cook and drink wine and clean up!! Perfection! How enjoyable and fun!
Oh, and we are all loving your pumpkins. They are so perfect!

joanne said...

oh wow mama, you done good,a son who cooks AND cleans up afterwards. Such a blessing that one!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Z,
How lovely to have your son home and cooking such delicious food. Our son is pretty good at producing a good meal too.
Hope that you are having some wonderful quality time with him. XXXX

time worn interiors said...

Yummy! Nothing better than spending time with a son! Got to visit mine for a couple of days while we were in Texas!

Christmas will be here soon!


Jill said...

He's a gem!! I like that idea of steaming the chicken in parchment. May have to give that a go sometime.

Hi said...

I just love your posts! I actually check them out when there's a slow time at work. This post as well as many others have definitely put a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your personal side and your designer side. Have a good day!

Rebecca said...

Loved this post... good to see your son cooking for his mama. Looked wonderful too!
That mess was nothing compared to my mothers mess when she cooks... somehow she always uses every pot and pan in the house.
Blessings today
PS da ding ding... is that what the fox says?

Bead and Needle said...

We were at The Aria the night of that event, taking in the Zarkana show...all the photogs and press were standing within feet of us, as we waited for our car at the valet afterwards. Looks like a fabulous weekend - so happy for Mamma!

beth said...

your son is adorable and has been raised well....i'd love to eat that meal and drink that wine. lucky you!